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Tricky Riddles

Tricky Riddles

More tricky riddles for you to solve. Read the stories and see if you can come up with a solution for the creepy hidden meaning in each one.

1. Spots

When I was in junior high school, there was a girl in my class whose nickname was “Spots”. They called her that because she was always covered in bruises. Sometimes I saw her crying in school. My friends told me her father was violent and abusive. I felt sorry for her. One day I met her mother. She was haggard and covered in bruises as well. It was a sad situation.

A few years later, I heard from my friends that Spots’ father had died of a heart attack. Later, I ran into Spots and her mother in the street. Spots looked happy and healthy, but her mother still looked haggard and bruised.

Another few years passed and I hadn’t heard anything from Spots. One day, I was shopping at the mall when I happened to meet her mother. She was looking very happy and healthy. I rushed over and introduced myself. Then, I asked her how Spots was doing.

“Oh, she died in a car crash a few months ago,” her mother replied.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t say anything. It was so sad.

2. Alcohol

I’m a scientist. For years, I’ve been working on a chemical that turns water into alcohol. I think it’s going to make me rich. All you do is put one drop of this chemical in a glass of water and it will instantly be transformed into pure alcohol. It works on tap water, well water, rainwater, anything that contains water. I think I’ve perfected it. Now, all that remains is to see how it tastes. Let me take a sip. Mmmmmm. Tastes good. Eactly like alchol. Nobody coud tell the diffence.

3. Bowling Ball

“Did you know that the human head is the same weight as a bowling ball?” my friend asked.

He thinks he’s so smart. He has a book of random facts and he keeps bringing them up in conversation.

“Yeah, I already knew that,” I said.

4. Robber

There was a young couple who had been dating for two years. On her birthday, the girl decided to invite her boyfriend over to her apartment. She wanted them to have a romantic dinner together. The young man agreed.

On the night of her birthday, as she was preparing the special dinner, she got a phonecall. It was her boyfriend.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’ve got to stay late at work. I have a very important deal to take care of.”

The girl was furious. She shouted at him and hung up the phone. All alone and miserable, she sat down at the table and started eating the food she had prepared for both of them.

Just then, the lights went off and she was plunged into darkness. She heard footsteps creeping up behind her and a hand grabbed her shoulder. The girl screamed and swung the fork she was holding in her hand. There was a dull thud as her attacker fell to the floor.

She hurried to her bedroom, locked the door and called the police. A few minutes later, two officers arrived and entered the apartment. They identified themselves and the girl unlocked her bedroom door. She waited while they searched the apartment.

When they came back, one of the policemen said, “There’s a dead man lying on your kitchen floor with a fork stuck in his throat.”

The girl broke down in tears. The policemen tried to comfort her.

“I didn’t mean to kill him,” she sobbed. “It was self-defence.”

“Yes,” said the policeman. “It looks like the robber was trying to steal this wedding ring.”

5. Elevator

There was an elevator in a high-rise apartment building. Too many people got on. The weight of the people exceeded the maximum weight capacity of the elevator. When it was coming to the top floor, the cable suddenly snapped. The elevator plunged to the bottom. I was going to call an ambulance, but that wasn’t necessary. Nobody was injured.

6. In the Dark

I was awoken by a strange sound.
However, it’s still dark outside.
As I fumble for the light switch, I wonder what time it is.
Very early, I guess.
Even though I flick the switch, the light doesn’t come on.
No electricity, I guess.
Only thing I can do is lie here and wait for dawn.
Everything is eerily silent.
Yet, I’m sure I heard something.
Even though I can’t see, I can listen.
Something is there, I’m sure of it.

7. Summer Camp Seance

My parents sent me to summer camp. I didn’t want to go. Maybe they were punishing me. Whoever came up with the idea of a camp for teenagers? The horror of it! The camp is painfully boring. There is never anything to do. “Once you get here, you’ll never want to leave!” That’s the motto plasted over the front gate. How depressing, to be stuck here forver. The other campers are an unfriendly bunch. They’re rude, ignorant and inconsiderate. The worst thing is having to share a cabin with them.

I have to share my cabin with two nerds. A male and a female. I call them Nerdboy and Nerdgirl. They’re like another species. Somewhere in the guidebook book for nerds, there must be a rule stating: “You have to talk like an idiot and wear glasses, plaid shirts and pleated pants.” They are also deathly boring. I ignore them and they ignore me. It seems like nerds flock together, because Nerdboy and Nerdgirl often bring their nerdy friends to the cabin. They sit around and discuss science or computers. Listening to them talk makes me want to hang myself.

One day, they veered off-topic and started dicussing supernatural phenomena. I was lying on the top bunk listening to their conversation. Nerdboy was telling everyone that, two years ago, in this very camp, a girl had been brutally murdered and her killer was never found. He said he asked the counselors about it, but they refused to discuss it. They wouldn’t even tell him in which of the cabins the murder happened. But Nerdboy was a budding detective and had conducted his own investigation. He said he had determined that the murder happened in our cabin. What horror!

Nerdgirl said she knew how to make a ouija board and suggested that they try and contact the spirit of the deceased. However, this board she constructed was laughable. It was made from a piece of cardboard cut out of a cereal box and as a planchette, she was using the cap from a bottle of Gatorade. I was stunned that they thought it would work.

As soon as it got dark, the four inept paranormal investigators lit some candles, burned some incense and sat around the table. I, of course, was not invited to participate, but from the top bunk, I could see and hear everything. The nerds joined hands and Nerdboy said, “Spirit of the deceased, communicate with us!” It was all I could do to stop myself from bursting out laughing. Then, they all placed their fingers on the bottle cap and waited with bated breath.

“Spirit, are you there?” asked Nerdboy.

The bottle cap began to move and they all read the reply: “Y-E-S”

“Were you murdered?” Nerdgirl asked.


“How old are you?” asked one of the other nerds.

I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I put on a creepy voice and said, “Thirteen!”

They all screamed, jumped up and fled from the cabin in terror. It was so funny.

8. Old Lady

There was an old lady who had been living alone ever since her husband died. She was very lonely and her children rarely visited. After a long time away, her oldest daughter came back to live with her. One day, they were watching TV in the living room when the news came on. There was a story about a woman who had been arrested for attempting to strangle her mother.

“Such a stupid thing to do,” the old lady said.

“Yes,” her daughter agreed. “Strangling her mother was a stupid thing to do.”

9. Night Fishing

My friend I went to a remote fishing spot in the mountains. We were planning to do some night fishing. In the parking lot, there was already one other car. We made our way down to the lake and further down, we could see the light of a campfire burning.

While we were fishing, a man came out of the bushes. He was holding a log.

“What brings you all the way out here?” he asked.

“We’re night fishing,” I replied. “Are we disturbing you?

“No… I don’t mind,” he said. “I thought you were on your own.”

The man turned around and went back over to his campfire. We went back to our fishing and didn’t think any more about him.

Then, just two weeks later, I saw an article in the newspaper. It said that a man had been arrested for murdering his wife. He had taken her corpse up to the mountains and burned it to destroy the evidence. I looked at his picture. It was the face of the man who talked to us that night at the fishing spot.

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  • Here are my answers! =D

    1. Spot’s father abused her, but when he died, her “spots” went away. Spot’s mother was then abused by her, and eventually her mother killed her. That’s why her mother had no more “spots”.

    2. The scientist stated that the chemical he’s been working on turns any water into alcohol. But, the “alcohol” he drank will turn all of the water in his body into alcohol, killing him.

    3. The narrator could tell the difference because he has compared a bowling ball to a severed head, which means he killed someone. Creepy! =O

    4. The “robber” was actually the girl’s boyfriend. It seemed that he “stole” a wedding ring because he was planning to propose to her on the birthday. The girl didn’t know that the “robber” was her boyfriend because the lights went out and she couldn’t see. =(

    5. Nobody was “injured” because everyone who was on the elevator died from the fall.

    6. If you put together the first letter of every stanza, it spells “I HAVE NO EYES”, so to sum it up, he’s blind.

    7. Maybe she was going to try to kill her mother in a different way?

    8. The boy/girl was the murder that happened in their cabin. Nerdboy and Nerdgirl didn’t invite him/her to their games because he/she was dead.

    9. The man had a log in his hand to put it in the fire that he was burning his wife’s remains in. He didn’t want anyone to see him do it.

    These are my answers! IDK if they’re correct but I hope they are lol! =)

  • Horror_reader your responses are great, they are funny and made me laugh XD

  • Ok, here are the answers:

    #1 – THE MOTHER WAS LYING! Spots was actually alive and well at home playing 3DS. The mom just enjoyed being dishonest. Man, that girl was gullible.

    #2 – He was drunk from his alcohol and screwed up his recipe by accidentally using cyanide and dog guts and then he got food poisoning and died and he never got to sell his alcohol but no one cared because he was dead and anyway, no one had heard about because HE WAS DEAD! It all makes sense!

    #3 – He must have KILLED A BOWLIN’ BALL TO BE ABLE TO KNOW DAT! Psychopath! Maybe bowlin’ balls abused him as a child so he took his revenge.

    #4 – The robber was actually trying to steal the fork! But he failed… what a nerd… failin’ to steal a fork. *Sigh*

    #5 – Whatever. No one got hurt. So easy ¬_¬ *yawn*

    #6 – Oh Mah Lawdy. If you put the last letter of each sentence together it spells dessnsntgnt. Gawlly Gawrsh.

    #7 – It was a plastic ouija board. You just can’t trust them. Plastic ouija boards are about as trustworthy as google translate. The guys ran away because they were so terrified of the unreliable information.

    #8 – The daughter actually thought it was a good idea because it was opposite day. THE DAUGHTER WAS A MURDERERER!

    #9 – The newspaper was wrong. The guy was just cooking marshmallows. HE IS A MARSHMALLOW MURDERER! O_o

    These were very hard. Took me months to figure out. Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong. I put too much time and effort in to be incorrect on any question.

    XP LOL

  • Here are all the answers:

    1. Spots
    Spots was abused by her father, which is why she had bruises. When her father died, she was healthy but her mom still had bruises, which meant Spots must be abusing her mom. So her mom purposely killed her so that she would be healthy.

    2. Alchahol
    Your body is filled with water, so it will turn to alchahol and kill you.

    3. Bowling Ball
    He could only know that a bowling ball is like a human skull if he has HELD a skull before. Maybe he even killed the owner of the skull.

    4. It was her boyfriend about to propose to her.

    5. Elevator
    They all died on impact, or they all became ghosts.

    6. In the Dark
    The first letter of each sentence spells I HAVE NO EYES

    7. Old Lady
    Maybe she thought it was better to kill her mother with a different method, showing that she wanted to kill her own but not with strangling.

    8. Summer Camp Seance
    He was ignored because he was a ghost. He knew the age because he was the ghost they had been contacting.

    9. Night Fishing
    He was burning her remains in his fire. He said I thought you were alone up here because he came to murder the man in case they see anything , but saw the second person and knew it would be too risky.

  • 1: dad abused kid kid abused mom mom killed daughter on purpose she lives happiy ever after
    2: hes talking weirdly probably some sort of poison
    3: the guy had held a human skull and bowling ball at the same time
    4: it was the boy friend that was going to propose
    5: no one was injured everyone was dead RIP DEAD PPL
    6: the first letters of each sentence spell I HAVE NO EYES
    7: she is the ghost they ignored her cuz they couldnt see her
    8: she was attempting to kill her mom
    9: the man ws burning his wife DUHHH

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