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Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror XIV

Treehouse of Horror XIV

Reaper Madness

Death comes to the door of the Simpson home looking for Bart. A la a Benny Hill chase the family tries to elude Death. Homer kills Death and suddenly the world is without death. No one can die. Homer puts on Death’s robe and suddenly finds himself “The Grim Reaper.” He starts doing the job until he has to kill Marge. He gets out of the reaper job by pleading with God, but then he “pulls a fast one” on him by substituting Patty’s body for Marge.


Homer gets a call telling him that he’s won the Nobel Prize, only the call is really for Professor Frink. So that his father might partake in the awards ceremony, Professor Frink reanimates his father’s corpse. His father’s corpse escapes and goes on a killing spree to collect some replacement body parts. At the awards ceremony in Stockholm the Professor’s father tries to make amends with his son for his recent organ harvest, until he sees all the brains filled with knowledge and rampages through the audience. Professor Frink, Jr. stops his father but is able to hold onto his father’s soul.

Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off

Bart and Milhouse get hold of a stopwatch that actually allows them to stop time. They are having a great “time” and almost get away with it, until they are outsmarted by the mayor. On their run from the angry mob, the watch breaks and they are the only two moving in a world where time has stopped. Despite an easy to follow manual for watch repair, it takes the pair 15 years to get the watch repaired and for things to almost get back to normal.

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