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Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part

A newly married couple, Bill and Mable, bought a house in a nice secluded part of Maine. After they moved in, their neighbors came to visit and warned them that their house was haunted.

Till Death Do Us Part

Bill and Mable disregarded the tall tales they heard from their neighbors. They didn’t believe in ghosts and weren’t about to start now, just because some silly neighbors believed in the paranormal.

But Mable was curious about the history of the house so she contacted the real estate agent and told him she had heard odd stories about the house being haunted.

The realtor said that, by law, he should have disclosed the history of the house. Apparently, there had been a string of horrible murders committed in the house years before by an insane serial killer. The murders were only discovered after the killer had died

He had been smoking in bed when he fell asleep and accidentally dropped the cigarette on his bedsheets. His bed caught fire and he burned alive without ever waking up. His corpse had lain undiscovered in the house for years. Eventually, the police had broken in and found his decomposing body lying in bed. They dug up the garden and found the remains of his victims.

The story unnerved Mable and she began having nightmares about the killer. She told her husband that she was beginning to believe that the stories of the haunting could be true. Mable frequently complained about the feeling that someone was in the room during the night and sometimes she would wake suddenly during the night, convinced that she had felt cold bony hands touching her.

Bill thought Mable was just being silly, but to keep his wife happy, he promised to stay up all night and keep watch over her. Bill was confident that if she woke up after feeling the cold bony hands, and nobody was there, she would realize that it was all in her imagination.

True to his word, Billy stayed up the whole night. Around midnight, the room began to feel uncomfortably warm and he was gripped by the feeling of an overwhelming thirst. Leaving Mable sleeping softly, he went downstairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Upstairs, in the darkened bedroom, Mable awoke with a start. She heard footsteps outside the door and then someone came into the room. She assumed it was her husband, Bill. She leaned over in bed to give him a kiss but her lips touched something cold and bony.

Bill heard the most horrible screaming coming from Mable’s room.

He rushed upstairs and screamed in horror at what he found. Mable’s dead body lay stretched out on the bed. Her face was twisted in an expression of utter terror. Bill rushed downstairs and called the police.

Several nights later, Bill was finally sleeping peacefully, until around midnight. Again feeling very thirsty, he went downstairs and got a glass of water. When he went back upstairs, he was surprised to see a large lump in the bed. It was moving. He ran over and ripped off the bedsheets.

The ghost of Mable sat up in the bed. She had tears in her eyes, and her cheeks were hollow and sunken. The dark form of another man crouched beside her. A terrible skeletal man with the face of a dessicated corpse. The skeleton man clutched Mable’s head in his cold bony grasp and forced her to kiss him. Tears streamed down Mable’s face. In her hand, she held the biggest knife Bill had ever seen.

“Didn’t you promise Billy? Didn’t you promise? Till death do us part! You promised!”, screamed Mable, as she floated towards the frightened and paralyzed Bill.

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