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Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle inn and gardens in Lakewood, Washington is a haunted bed and breakfast with a rich history and several resident ghosts.

Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle was built by Chester Thorne, using 400 year old bricks from an original English castle. Today, the historic castle is said to host a number of spirits.

The ghost of Chester Thorne himself has reportedly made several appearances over the years. The groundskeeper at Thornewood Castle claimed he saw the ghost of Chester on the lawn, wearing a brown riding suit with jockey spurs. This apparition has also been seen by a woman in the home itself. She was rummaging through a closet when she felt the presence of someone behind her. She turned and was shocked to see a man in an old-style brown riding suit standing behind her with his hands on his hips. The man asked her what she was doing and then simply vanished into thin air.

Others have reported seeing Anna, Chester’s wife, sitting in the window seat of her room, overlooking the garden. Guests were walking in the garden when they looked up and saw a woman sitting in the window. People have also reported seeing Anna’s reflection in the old mirror in her room. They were looking in the mirror when they saw a woman dressed in period clothing sitting in the chair behind them. When they turned around, the woman was gone.

A young boy once drowned in the nearby lake and occasionally guests have seen a small child standing alone by the lake. When they rushed down to the lake to check on the child, they found no one there.

If Thornewood Castle looks familiar to you, that’s because it served as the filming location of Stephen King’s TV mini-series Rose Red in 2002.

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