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Thing at the Foot of the Bed

Thing at the Foot of the Bed

The Thing at the Foot of the Bed is a scary funny story for children about an old man who thinks he sees something lurking at the bottom of his bed in the middle of the night.

Thing at the Foot of the Bed

There was an old man who lived alone in a large old house in the countryside. He always said he wasn’t afraid of anything, but he kept a gun wih him at all times for protection.

One night, the man stayed up late watching a horror movie on television. When it was over, he climbed the stairs and went to bed. He was just beginning to doze off when he noticed something strange. In the moonlight, he could see something lurking at the foot of his bed. It looked like two big eyes staring right at him.

The old man was scared and hardly dared to move. Slowly, he reached out and grabbed his gun which was lying on the nightstand. The frightened man took aim at the ghostly figure and pulled the trigger.

A shot went off and the old man let out an unearthly scream.

The poor scared fool accidentally shot off his own big toe.

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