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Terror House

Terror House

Terror House is a short creepy tale about a boy and girl who are dared to spend the night in a haunted house.

Terror House

Rumor had it that the house on top of the hill was haunted. Local children called it “Terror House”. The former owner had been murdered in a horrible manner by a gang of thieves. Supposedly, the old man had a huge fortune, a wooden chest full of precious gems hidden somewhere in the house.

The thieves broke into the house one night and tried to force the man to reveal where his treasure was hidden. But the old man was a stubborn sort and refused to tell them where the chest was located. The thieves eventually chopped him up into little pieces and threw the remains into the fireplace.

Legend had it that, every Halloween night, at the stroke of midnight, the old man’s ghost would appear, falling down the chimney piece by piece. It was said that if you waited there long enough, the old man’s body would reassemble itself and his ghost would point to the location of the treasure. Unfortunately, no one had ever been brave enough to sit there and watch the ghastly scene to the end.

One halloween, when two young kids named Chad and Roberta were at school, when they heard their friends talking about the legend of Terror House and the old man’s ghost. They had heard the story a number of times over the years. The two kids claimed they didn’t believe Terror House was really haunted. Their friends challenged them to prove it. They dared Chad and Roberta to spend the night in the haunted house.

That night, their friends waited in the driveway as the two kids walked up the driveway of the haunted house and stood on the porch. Chad found a window that was loose and forced it open. He climbed in and Roberta followed him, carrying a flashlight.

Inside the house, the atmosphere was eerie and forboding. It looked like no one had been there for years. The furniture was draped with white sheets and cobwebs were covering every surface. The two kids found a spot near the chimney, spread out their sleeping bags and settled down to wait until the clock struck midnight.

The house was quiet until the town clock chimed twelve. At once, they heard a thunderous rumbling coming from the fireplace. A hazy, yellow light began to emanate from the fireplace, shining on the floor in front of them. Chad turned to Roberta and grabbed her hand. They were both trembling with fear.

Suddenly, there came a hideous noise that sounded like a splat. It seemed as if something had fallen down the chimney and landed on the stone hearth below. Looking closer, the pair saw thjat it was a severed leg.

Roberta let out a piercing scream. They heard another fleshy thumping sound and another severed leg appeared on top of its mate. Chad squeezed Roberta’s hand tightly, as he started to sob with terror. Then an arm flopped down on top of the other limbs. There was a huge wet thud as a torso hit the pile. Finally, a head tumbled down the chimney and landed on the heap of body parts. It balanced on top of them like a cherry on an ice cream sundae.

Chad and Roberta were were clutching each other in silent terror. The body parts began crawling across the floor and gradually assembled themselves into a full figure. Then, the corpse of the old man, quietly stood up and crept towards the terrified children. His arm extended and he pointed straight at them.

The kids who were waiting outside heard unearthly screams coming from the haunted house. They were too frightened to go inside, so they remained outside the gate until sunrise. When it grew bright enough, they finally summoned the courage to go into the house and find their friends.

They climbed in the window and saw a large wooden chest sitting in front of the fireplace. Excited, the ran over to it and found that the chest was filled to the brim with precious gems. Then they recoiled in horror when they noticed two sets of legs poking out from under the chest. They pulled the heavy wooden chest back to reveal the crushed bodies of Chad and Roberta lying squashed underneath.

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  • When you listed the severed body parts that fell down the chimney, you only noted one arm. I don’t get it. Did the dead dude have one arm or was it a mistake by SFK? Can someone please explain this to me?

  • They Should’ve Watched Outside.. LOL.. Sorry, i’m thinking what will happen when watching outside

  • i found some things you might want to fix.
    “the pair saw thjat it was a severed leg.”
    and there was a point where you said “were were”

  • Oh, i get it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! funny. You guys should be proud that i understood it because i never catch on to stuff like that. lol

  • OH WAIT MY BAD they found their body UNDER them stupid me!

    Wow that’s not really scary AT ALL I mean the story is called “terror” house? I mean maybe it is sad because they die but first of all how do they DIE because the treasure box SQUASHED them and how does the bx fly out of nowhere and what’s so scary about this story if the old man seems to be nice and harmless except for the coincidental fact that the box squashed them?

  • ^I agree I love his website.

    Well anyways yeah I guess the treasure fell and squished them – not creepy at all. But wait, if they got squished and the treasure box fell on TOP of them, then how come the kids found their bodies INSIDE the treasure?

  • this website is awsome! all my fav thing in one!how awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah it was ok but not scary. though after that comparison made in the story i dont think ill ever be able to take one bite of an ice cream sundee again without feeling like some kind of cannibal …. lol!

  • it was good and weird if i where there out side i would be glad im rich and sad my friends had to die at the same time

  • ^I though they were bro and sis?

    Anyways this is a realy good story, the end is confusing though

  • well that sucks the two could have used it for they’re wedding but I guess its better for the funeral

  • Where did the treasure chest come from? Did it just fall out of the celiling? On my horror list, this would be rated 3: child story.

  • I didn’t like the ending, but other than that it was great, but not scary at all.

  • i cant believe they got crushed by the box of treasure:O
    thats a really good tale.

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