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Tall Tales

Tall Tales

Tall tales of horror and spooky ghost stories for kids.

Tall Tales

1. Evil Laugh

Because my brother likes listening to spooky stories, I decided to buy him a CD of horror stories for his birthday. When I gave it to him, he was delighted. “Awesome! Scary stories! I’m going to listen to them immediately!” he shouted and he ran upstairs. A little while later, I heard the sound of frightening laughter coming from his room, followed by screaming. I ran upstairs as fast as possible and burst into his bedroom. I was shocked by what I saw.

My brother was lying on the floor, shrieking and screaming and rolling back and forth as if he was being stabbed to death. The terrifying laughter was coming from his stereo. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears. I grabbed the stereo and threw it against the wall with all my might. It fell to the floor with a crash, but the laughter continued. I had to kick and stomp on the stereo until it was smashed into pieces before the evil laughter finally stopped.

My brother was in a state of shock and had to be taken to the hospital. He never recovered from the experience and to this day, he is still confined in a mental asylum. A few days ago, I was reading the newspaper when an article caught my attention. It read: “Girl (11) found dead in bedroom. Police couldn’t ascertain the cause of death. A stereo was found lying beside her. The police are still investigating and, until further information is known, her death remains an unsolved mystery.

2. Nightmare

My sister and I share a room and we have bunk beds. I sleep in the top bunk and she sleeps in the bottom. One night, when I crawled into my bed and lay down, I felt something tickling my neck. I reached up and felt long stringy hairs. My pillow was covered in them. They were long and black. I was horrified because nobody in our family has long black hair. In a panic, I threw them away, but the next morning, I didn’t tell anyone about it.

The next night, when I was lying in bed, I felt something sticking into my back. At first, I thought it was just the bedsprings, but when I pulled back the covers to take a look, I saw that there was an old rusty pair of glasses. In the morning, I asked my parents and my sister if one of them was playing a prank on me. When they all said no, I began to get really worried.

On the third night, I didn’t find anything, so I’m was terribly relieved. But in the morning, when I was making my bed, I came across a pair of yellowed dentures… and they were still wet! I was so creeped out, I threw them out the window.

The next night, when I was just about to fall asleep, I felt something brush against my cheek. I opened my eyes and got the fright of my life. There was an old woman leaning over me. Her eyes were bloodshot and bulging out of her skull. Her face was wrinkled and pale and her head was completely bald. She wanted to know what I had done with her things. In a quavering voice, I told her I threw them away. The woman turned and walked away. At the door, she stopped and stared at me. In a raspy voice, she whispered: “I will be avenged!”

3. Shooting Range

One summer evening, my friend Bara and I went camping in the woods behind my house. It was a full moon and we couldn’t sleep. We decided that it might be fun to check out an old abandoned building that was nearby. It had once been a shooting range, but 30 years ago, a brutal mass murder had taken place there.

According to the stories I heard from my grandfather, a man had gone into the building and, in a mad frenzy, he shot all of the people who were there, including himself. After that, the shooting range was closed down and abandoned. All of the windows were boarded up and the doors were locked with a chain. However, that night, when we arrived, we discovered that a small window around the back was open, so we climbed through it.

We took a look around. Everything was covered in dust and there seemed to be pools of dried blood on the floor. It had been left just as it had been when the shooting took place. It started to rain outside and we could hear the soft pitter-patter on the roof. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash and we began to hear strange moans.

Just then, some figures emerged from the shadows and came towards us. There were 10 shadows in all. We realized that the man had actually killed 10 people, including himself. Everything fell into place, exactly as my grandpa had told me.

Bara and I were trembling with fear. The figures were getting closer and closer. We ran to the door but it was locked. One of the shadowy figures pulled out a gun and aimed it at us. We heard a deafening BOOM as the gun went off and at that moment, everything vanished. The lights came on and we ran to the back window and scrambled out.

The rain had stopped outside and we ran all the way to my house. When we got there, my grandfather was still up. We started to tell him what we had seen, but he stopped us. He knew exactly what happened, because he said, “Only one person survived and that person was me!”

4. Ouija Nightmare

It was a warm Summer evening and my friend Masha and I decided to play with the ouija board. We wanted to see if we could contact a ghost. In fact, as soon as we started, strange things began to happen! For example, the chandelier in my bedroom started moving even though all the doors and windows in the house were closed. Then, we began to hear strange voices that seemed to be coming from underneath the floorboards. Suddenly, the stairs started creaking and we heard the sound of footsteps creeping up the steps! Masha began to feel sick and eventually she just fainted. It was like a nightmare.

Someone or something started rattling the door handle and when my bedroom door opened, I could see two red eyes peering at me from the darkness! At that moment, I was so scared, I ran to my bedroom closet and hid. I was so glad that my closet had a lock on it! I sat there trembling behind the closed door, but then I realized that I had left Masha alone out there. I shouted her name, but there was no answer. I unlocked the door and peeked out, but she was gone. I started to panic. I searched all over the house for Masha, but I couldn’t find her. On the doors and walls, there were deep scratches and bloody footprints.

Suddenly, I felt someone shaking me. It was my mom. She said she found me curled up on the living room floor, foaming at the mouth and with a high fever. They found Masha a week later in an abandoned hut down by the river. They don’t know how she got there, but on the door of the hut, there were traces of blood.

5. The Curious Case in the Town of Zlawie

It was a dark night on New Year’s Eve in 1988. After the clock struck midnight, the people of Zlawie cheered, drank a toast and wished each other good luck for the new year. They also let off fireworks in the town square and the people were very happy. By 3AM, the people began filtering out of the various pubs and clubs and making their way home.

In one pub there were only about 15 people remaining. The innkeeper was a man named Nick and he was pouring drinks for everyone. When someone ordered rum, he found the bottle was empty, so he sent the bartender, Denny, down to the cellar to fetch another.

After a while, when the bartender didn’t return, the innkeeper began to wonder what was taking him so long. He had been gone for more than 20 minutes.

He asked one of the men who was sitting at the bar, “Hey, Tom! Have you seen Denny?”

“No,” Tom replied. “What do you want him for?

“Well, I sent him to the basement for a bottle of rum. It’s been at least 20 minutes and he still hasn’t returned.”

“Well, maybe he’s down there getting drunk,” Tom laughed.

“Hey, buddy, come with me,” said Nick. “Let’s check it out, OK?”

“Yeah, OK, let’s go,” Tom agreed.

So they went down the stairs and came to the door that led into the room with the bottles. However, when they tried to open it, they found it was locked.

“Let’s kick it down,” said Nick.

Together, they managed to break down the door, but what they found inside made them scream in horror.

There was blood all over the floor. Denny’s throat had been sliced open, his hands and feet had been chopped off and his body was nailed to the wall like a crucifix.

6. Horror in the Forest

During the Summer holidays, I went camping in the mountains with my classmate, Honza. We took a tent and sleeping bags with us and with our backpacks on, we hiked into the woods. On the way, we came to a clearing in the trees and there were strange bones and sticks scattered on the forest floor. Some of the trees had been painted with satanic symbols. It looked like something out of The Blair Witch and we were really creeped out. It was getting dark and it was too late to go home, so against our better judgement, we decided to set up camp for the night.

We were going to sleep in the tent, but then the wind picked up and we heard the rumble of thunder. It looked like a storm was on the way. We went searching for a cave to take shelter and eventually, we came across an old, abadoned wooden cabin. The door wasn’t locked and it was nice and dry inside, so we unrolled our sleeping bags and settled in for the night. Just to be safe, we bolted the door from the inside. before falling into a deep sleep.

Around two o’clock in the morning, I was awakened by a noise. I sat up and listened. I couldn’t believe my ears. It sounded like someone was knocking on the door. I quickly reached over and shook Honza to wake him up. All of a sudden, there was a loud crash as the door was broken down and in the doorway, stood a strange man. In one hand, he had a torch and in the other he was holding a huge axe. There was a wild and crazy look in his eyes.

I kicked the window and it shattered. I jumped out and Honza followd close behind. We were gone like a shot and ran through the darkened forest, fleeing for our lives. We could hear footsteps chasing us, so we ducked behind a tree and tried to hide in the undergrowth. We lay there under a pile of dead leaves, trying not to breathe. It was pitch black and we couldn’t hear anything.

Suddenly, the man emerged from the shadows. He was so close, we could almost reach out and touch him. I scrambled to my feet and ran. Honza ran after me. The man chased us through the trees, just a few steps behind. He was gaining on us. Just as we reached the safety of the nearby town, the man threw his axe at us. There was a sickening THUNK!

We banged on the door of the nearest house and begged them to let us in. When they opened the door, we looked around, but the man was nowhere to be seen. Then, I looked at Honza. He was grimacing in pain. He turned around and I saw why he was in such agony.

And that’s how, for the rest of his life, Honza had a split right down the center of his ass…

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  • And THAT, my friends, is the origin of the ass, and THAT is how we all take dumps, fart, diarrhea, and even shart. Thank you.

  • 1. Nice story but how come laughter can make a person dead or mentally ill………..??
    2. This one was also nice but why did the old lady kept her things on the writer’s bed if it was very precious for her??
    3. I thought the writer’s grandpa was also killed. But did’nt he told that everyone was killed including the killer?
    4. I usually love ouja board stories… but this one was kinda different! Nice 1
    5. This one gave me creeps!
    6. This one was creepy as well as funny

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