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Tales of Terror

Tales of Terror

Twisted tales of terror, mystery and horror.

Tales of Terror

Tale of Terror – The Faceless Nun

There was a Catholic school that was rumored to be haunted. One day, a teenage girl stayed late after classes had ended to finish some schoolwork. As she was walking down the deserted hallway, she passed an open classroom. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of a figure standing in the classroom. She walked back and peeked in the door. There was a nun standing there, scribbling on the blackboard. The nun suddenly turned to face her and the girl gasped in fear. The old woman had no face. Her features were smooth like an egg. The teenage girl screamed and fled in horror. She had seen what was written on the blackboard. In scrawled, spidery handwriting were the words: “HELP ME I AM IN HELL.”

Tale of Terror – The Quiet Student

In a girls’ school in the Philippines, it was the first day of the semester. The girls were all in their classroom and getting used to their new desks. When the school bell rang, the teacher walked and introduced himself to the class. Then he started to do the roll call, trying to make sure all of his students were present. When he had finished, he noticed that there was one girl whose name had not been called. The girl was dressed in a white shirt and jeans and was sitting in the front row, directly across from his desk. He asked the girl if she was in the wrong classroom. She didn’t answer and just stared at him with a blank face. He repeated his question and she remained motionless. Suddenly, he noticed that the girl was bleeding from her forehead. The entire class screamed as the girl stood up, walked right past the teacher and disappeared straight through the blackboard.

Tale of Terror – The Haunted Bathroom

There were three boys in a certain school who were always causing trouble. One day, the three friends were hanging out in the hallway at lunch time. They saw a girl go into the school bathroom and decided to play a trick on her. They locked the bathroom door and stood outside waiting to see what would happen. A few minutes later, they saw the doorknob turn, then it began to rattle. They heard the girl’s voice calling out. They chuckled and didn’t answer her. She began knocking on the door and begging to be let out. They just stood there, laughing and teasing her as she pounded on the door.

After a minute or two, the girl started crying and screaming at them to unlock the door. The three boys felt guilty and decided to let her out before they got in trouble. One boy unlocked the door and waited, but the girl didn’t open it. “It’s open!” he shouted, but there was no answer. The boys opened the door and looked inside. The bathroom was completely empty. They checked all the cubicles and called out the girl’s name, but there was no response. There were no windows in the bathroom and the only way out was the door.

By this time, the three boys were very creeped out. They ran out of the bathroom and down the hallway. They found the girl standing outside the front door of the school, talking to a teacher. When they demanded to know how she got out of the bathroom, she was puzzled. “But I didn’t go to the bathroom today,” she said.

Tale of Terror – The Man in the Bathroom

There was a young girl who was sitting in class one day. She desperately needed to go to the toilet and, after class finished, she rushed out into the hallway. When she got to the girls’ toilet, she went inside and saw that all of the stalls were empty. She went into the first cubicle and locked the door behind her. As soon as she pulled down her underwear and sat down on the toilet, she heard a strange noise. She looked down and was shocked to see a pair of men’s shoes standing right outside her cubicle door. The polished, black shoes were just standing there, perfectly still. The girl was frightened. Why was a man in the girls’ bathroom and why was he standing so close to her cubicle door? He seemed to be waiting for her to finish, but all of the other cubicles were unoccupied. The girl began to get very frightened and the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. Suddenly, the girl looked up and screamed. There was a freakishly tall man, peering over the top of the cubicle door and leering at her with a sinister smile.

Tale of Terror – The Poop in the Bathroom

One evening, a school janitor had just finished cleaning the bathroom. He was about to lock up the building when one of the teachers came hurrying down the hallway and asked if he could go inside to use the toilet. The janitor agreed and waited outside the door for the teacher to finish. A few minutes later, the teacher came out. The two men said goodnight to each other and the teacher walked off down the hallway. The janitor went into the bathroom to make sure it was clean before he locked the door. He was horrified to find that all of the tiled walls and floors were covered in streaky brown handprints. When he looked closer, he saw that it was poop. He ran off down the hallway and when he caught up with the teacher, he confronted him and demanded to know why the teacher had smeared poop all over the bathroom. The teacher was indignant and said he didn’t know what the janitor was talking about. The two men argued for a while and eventually, the teacher got fed up and turned to leave. As he walked out the door, the janitor was shocked to see another brown handprint on the back of the teacher’s white suit.

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  • What if the nun had put on her headdress backward and she was completely bald, so it looked like she was faceless? And maybe she was trying to write something else but it came out HELP ME I AM IN HELLLLLLLLL

  • These are reasons I hate to go into school bathrooms alone. For “the man in the bathroom” it’s a ghostly slenderman stalker!

  • I legit gasped at man in the bathroom. Ewww. Also I dont really get the last one

  • What the hell!?! The stories were good but if a very tall man was looking at me whilst I was peeing and smiling at me like a creepy stalker who wants to rape me, I would KICK HIS STUPID< GOOD-FOR-NOTHING BACKSIDE when I got out of there!!! That would be after kicking him in the privates, hitting him over the head with my shoe and poking his eyeballs so that he could not see :-).

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