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Tales of Horror

Tales of Horror

Short tales of horror and the supernatural. Read bloodcurdling stories of classic suspense, murder, mystery and the macabre.

Tales of Horror

Tales of Horror – Hot Summer Night

One beautiful, hot summer night, a teenage girl named Julie was swimming with her boyfriend in the family pool. They decided to go skinny-dipping. Her boyfriend stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her shoulder as they gazed at the night sky and dreamed of their future together. A few minutes later, they heard strange noises that seemed to be coming from the bushes, but they were not paying much attention. They were so comfortable together.

Just then, Julie turned her head to kiss her boyfriend, but she didn’t see anything behind her. She twirled around and realized that her boyfriend’s head was missing. It had been cut off. She screamed and his headless corpse sank to the bottom of the pool.

In a panic, she scrambled out of the pool and ran inside the house to warn her parents. When she got to the kitchen, she came face to face with her stepfather who was washing his bloody hands in the sink.

Tales of Horror – The Masked Man

A woman kept having recurring dreams in which a masked man was trying to kill her. The mask was very distinctive. It was spiked at the top, with no eyeholes and it had a large zipper across the mouth. The mask was made of leather. One night, she had another nightmare. In the dream, she looked out her bedroom window and saw the masked man walking up her garden path and towards her front door. She awoke from the nightmare, trembling with fear. Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring. She grabbed her nightgown and ran downstairs. Cautiously, she opened the front door. There was nobody there. She looked down and saw the leather mask lying on the doorstep.

Tales of Horror – Monster in the Closet

There was a little boy who was afriad of everything. He had an intense fear of his bedroom closet. Every night, when he went to bed, he was terrified. His parents asked him what was wrong and he told them he was afraid that there was a monster living in his closet. The boy’s older brother decided to prove that nothing to fear in the closet.

One night, he got into the closet and shut the door behind him. A few seconds later, the young boy heard terrible cries and screams coming from the closet. At first, he was frightened, but then he realized that his older brother was just playing a prank on him. A minute later, the cries ceased and the room was filled by an eerie silence. Cautiously, the boy approached the closet and slowly opened the door. There was nobody inside.

Tales of Horror – Woman of the Gap

This is a Japanese urban legend: A college student decided to visit one of his friends. He was excited because he hadn’t seen his friend in a while. When he got to his friend’s house, he found the young man lying in bed, hiding beneath the covers. They talked for a while and the student found his friend’s behavior very strange. After a while, he stood up to leave and his friend suddenly said, “you can’t go!” his voice was urgent and his face was deadly serious.

“Why not?” asked the student.

“She won’t let you leave,” replied his friend in a fearful voice.

“She?” asked the student, looking around the room curiously. “Who’s she?” He couldn’t see anyone else in the room.

“If you go, she will follow you and kill you,” said his friend.

The student stared at his friend incredulously. He saw his friend glance toward the chest of drawers in the corner of the room. He followed his friend’s eyes, looking at the chest of drawers and a chill ran down his spine.

There, in shadows of the narrow 5cm gap between the wall and chest of drawers, he saw a paper-thin woman staring back at him. In her hand, she was clutching an ice pick.

Tales of Horror – The Football

This happened in one elementary school in Japan. It was 8:00 pm, time to close the school. One teacher, who worked long hours in the staff room, packed his bags and left. He was about to lock the gate, when he saw a group of dark figures in the distance. They were on the football pitch. It looked as though it was a group of boys kicking a ball back and forth.

“Hey, what are you doing there?” shouted the teacher. “Come on, it’s time to go home! I have to lock up!”

The boys continued playing and paid no attention to him.

“Don’t pretend you can’t hear me!” shouted the teacher angrily. “The school is closed! Quickly now! Go out the gate!”

Just then, one of the figures kicked the football high into the air. It landed on the grass and came rolling over to the teacher. When it stopped at his feet, he looked down and the blood suddenly drained from his face. He was overcome with horror. It wasn’t a football, it was a young boy’s severed head.

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  • I have a story for you guys.
    In Mexico they say if you ever see a pig wearing gold that you should catch it kill it and guy it open, inside you will find money, jewelry etc. Well I’m still not to sure if it was a dream or if it did happen when I was a kid, but I remember I was playing around digging a hole between my grandparents house and this old beat down green house right next door. As I was digging my great grandpa and grandpa where fixing a truck and I noticed them quickly turning towards the green house. When I turn to see what they where staring at I saw a huge pig walking on two legs walking out calmly it was wearing a gold necklace and it’s face wasn’t that of a normal pig it looked somewhat demonic and as it started walking again towards my grandpa I saw them run like hell towards the house so scared they left me there I remember running to the front door banging on the door for them to open the door and as I turned to look if the pig was comin I saw it getting closer just the way it was walking would scare the shit out you..well when it saw me it screamed but it was a mixture of a pigs scream/demon it started charging towards me and at that second I fell inside the house and was pulled in as my grandpa pulled me in and my great gray grandpa shut the door after that I remember how it was just banging wildly at the door almost breaking it down trying to get in it’s screams haunting me…now even as a teen it scares me thinking of it I always thought it was just a dream but a couple nights ago I was drinking some beers with my grandpa and he told me about his dad in Mexico walking home one night from a bar pretty drunk and on his way home a pig wearing a necklace followed him only it was walking on all fours and looked Normal he being a big macho man(like every mexican dad sees himself to be) he tried shushing it away and it wouldn’t go away it kept getting closer and closer till it tried biting him and letting out hellish screams he ran home the pig right behind him screaming his head off one of my uncles heard him opened to door to see what the noise was all about only to be tackled down by my grandpa who quickly got up and shut the door behind them. My aunts and grandma all woke up to the pigs screams and said the pig tried all night to get in..smashing Itself into the door scratching at it..till eventually it stopped the next morning they went outside only to find the door was fine thee was no sign that something or someone was trying to get in…I thought my GPa was bullshitting me but he said go ahead ask all your aunts your grandma your uncles they’ll all tell you that it did happen.

    If you guys liked my story let me know I have a few more scary stories that has happend to members jn my family. And I know I need to edit it a bit more..sorry I’m tired and it’s late.

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