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Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps is a scary story that takes place in a small village, tucked away in the mountains of Switzerland. One Winter, the villagers become concerned when their children begin disappearing under mysterious circumstances. It is based on a story by Igloo444.

Swiss Alps

Many years ago, there was a small, secluded village in the Swiss Alps. Today, it no longer exists, but at the time, it had a population of about 200 people.

It was nestled between two large mountains, which almost blocked out the sun entirely. For the most part, the villagers felt like they were living in a state of perpetual twilight. The village was very remote and during Winter, when the heavy snowfall blocked the roads, it was often cut off from the rest of the world.

One December, a series of blizzards swept through the region and the roads were buried under six feet of snow. The leaves were stripped from the trees and the bare tree trunks protruded from the mountainside like broken ribs.

The snowstorm knocked out the telephone lines, leaving the villagers with no way to communicate with the outside world. They were essentially trapped in this isolated village for the Winter.

Weeks passed and the weather grew colder than it had ever been before. The days were dark and grey and the nights were freezing. The villagers could hardly wait for the Spring to arrive.

One night, many of the villagers were gathered in the local public house when a woman came rushing in. She was visibly upset and began shouting, “Someone has stolen my child!”

She claimed that she had tucked her son into bed that evening and left him alone for a few minutes. When she came back to the house, she didn’t notice anything wrong, but when she check on her son, hours later, his bed was empty and his bedroom window was open.

The men of the village organized a search for the missing youngster. They wrapped themselves in warm clothes and looked all over the area for the young boy, but there was no sign of him. Eventually, they were forced to call off the search and give him up for dead.

Many assumed that the child had simply run away and become lost in the snow. He had either fallen into a snowdrift or been attacked and dragged away by wild animals. Although the disappearance was tragic and disconcerting, life in the little village went on as it always had.

A few days later, on another dark and snowy night, there was another disappearance. That Sunday, the village priest had said mass as usual and afterwards, he had gone back to his house. The next morning, when some of the villagers came to call on him, they knocked on his door and received no answer. His house was empty and there was no trace of him.

In the bedroom, some of his belongings were strewn around the room and there appeared to be signs of a struggle. They found a small patch of blood on the floorboards. A search of the village yielded nothing. It was as if he had been kidnapped. The local people grew worried and many suspected that there was a murderer among them.

In the weeks that followed, more people began to disappear. All of them were children. Each one vanished in the dead of night and was never seen again. The villagers searched for the missing boys and girls, but it was no use. Nobody could find them and not one person had a clue as to what had become of them.

Rumors began to spread around the village that there was some sort of monster lurking in the surrouding mountains. At night, they sometimes heard strange howls echoing through the darkness. Some believed that the monster emerged from its lair at night and made its way down to the village to feast on the unsuspecting people as they lay sleeping in their beds.

Others suspected that the people were being abducted by slave traders who would kidnap them and sell them for money. The theory did not seem to be logical, because the roads leading in and out of the town were still blocked by snow. It would have been almost impossible for an outsider to reach the village.

All in all, seven children and one adult had vanished into thin air. The terrified villagers held a town meeting to discuss what should be done. It was decided that groups of villagers would go out on patrol at night, to make sure the village was safe from predators.

Each night, a group of men shouldered their rifles and walked the deserted streets, looking for whoever or whatever was behind the unexplained abductions. They were convinced that something terrible was preying on the village and they meant to put an end to the horror.

Spring arrived and the snow was beginning to thaw. Three weeks passed without incident and the villagers started to feel like the nightmare was finally over. However, one group of men continued to patrol the streets at night, still determined to get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances.

One cloudy night, when the moon was full, a group of three villagers were doing their rounds. Just as they were passing a darkened house, they spotted what looked like the figure of a man, lurking in the shadows. He seemed to be peering through one of the bedroom windows. The villagers yelled at the prowler and he immediately took off running.

Everyone was certain that they had discovered the person who was behind all of the disappearances. They pursued the mysterious figure through the night, trudging over the melting snow and ice as fast as they could, shouting at him to stop.

They kept running and soon they found themselves on the outskirts of the village, where the snow was still quite thick and densely-packed. As they watched, the shadowy figure suddenly disappeared from sight. To the shocked villagers, it looked as if the ground had swallowed him up. As they drew closer, they realized that there was a large hole in the snow. It was a makeshift cave that had been hollowed out in the side of a snowdrift.

The villagers surrounded the hole and peered inside. All they could see was darkness. They began yelling into the cave, telling the figure to come out and show himself

Suddenly, their shouts were answered by a volley of gunshots that exploded from the cave. Without thinking, the villagers grabbed their rifles and began firing into the hole.

When the shooting stopped and the smoke cleared, there was an eerie silence.

They waited for a couple of minutes, wondering what to do. One brave member of the patrol climbed down into the cave to investigate. With his rifle poised to shoot, he crawled through the entrance of the cave as his friends waited above, shining their flashlights into the hole to light his way.

A few minutes later, he emerged from the cave with a horrified expression on his face. Falling to his hands and knees, the man doubled over and threw up in the snow. He had finally discovered the truth behind the strange and mysterious events.

The shadowy figure they had been chasing was the village priest, who had gone missing weeks before. He was lying at the bottom of the hole, his body riddled with bullets. The snow beneath him was red with blood and scattered around him were the half-eaten remains of seven children.

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