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The Supermodel is a scary story about a beautiful woman who posts pictures of herself every day on Facebook. After a while, she begins to suspect that she is being stalked by one of her fans.


Two years ago, there was a supermodel I had a huge crush on. She was really one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. One day, when I was looking at her website, I noticed that she had a Facebook account. I sent her a friend request and, the next day, she accepted.

On Facebook, she had thousands of fans and whenever she posted a new picture, she would write a few lines, telling everyone what was going on in her life. Her fans would post comments too, telling her how beautiful she was or how much they adored her.

The supermodel updated her Facebook with a new photo every day. Sometimes she would have a new hairstyle, sometimes she would take a photo of herself without makeup and occasionally she would dress up in a costume.

Every morning, when I arrived at work, I would check her Facebook to see what new picture she had posted of herself. However, one day, when I checked her account, there was no update. I was a little disappointed.

Then, I looked at the last comment she had posted:

“I think I have a stalker. In fact, I’m sure of it. Someone was in my room yesterday when I was out. The other day, I felt like I was being followed. Is it one of you? I’m going to contact the police tomorrow.”

There were a lot of comments from her fans, telling her they were worried about her and begging her to let them know she was alright. It was a little creepy, but I didn’t think much more about it.

Over the next week, the supermodel didn’t write anything more, but her picture was updated every day. On Monday, it was a close-up of her nose, on Tuesday, her mouth, on Wednesday her ear, on Thursday her arm, on Friday, her legs and on Saturday, her feet.

In the comments on each picture, her fans were becoming more and more worried.

When I saw the image that was posted on Sunday, I almost threw up. It was a picture of a smiling man, holding a woman’s mutilated corpse in his arms. Her head had been cut off and it was sitting on her stomach. There was some text written beneath it:

“Here is your precious supermodel! None of you can have her. She belongs to me now and I won’t share her with anyone. Her password was too easy to guess. It was her birthday.”

It was absolutely horrific. As soon as I saw it, I called the police to report it, but they didn’t take me seriously. I decided to go down to the police station in person. I gave them the URL of her Facebook and when they opened it I realized that the image had changed again.

It was a picture of the man’s severed head.

The police immediately rushed to her address and when they found the supermodel’s apartment, they broke down the door. Inside, they found the dead bodies of a man and a woman. Both of them had been decapitated.

The police were presented with a real mystery. They knew who murdered the super model, but they could never figure out who killed her murderer. To this day, the case remains unsolved…

scary for kids


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  • If it was suicide, who posted the photo of his head? It could not have been suicide. It was probably the narrator.

  • So either the Supermodel’s murderer commuted suicide or the narrator was so mad at the killer for killing the Supermodel that he (she?) murdered the murderer… Making him(/her?) a murderer themselves…

  • Maybe she had two stalkers and one was angry about her being “sleeped with the fishes”

  • I think the narrator or writer of the story killed the murderer…because expect the unexpected.

  • The story:
    The stalker murderer killed his ‘love’, the supermodel, and then committed suicide so that he could be together with her forever and ever…in hell.

  • Poor lady…….it seems as if the murderer was obsessed with her….😕
    Maybe the murderer killed himself after murdering the supermodel or it was one of her fans who took revenge from him…….

  • I love the story but if the murderer was murdered, then who was the murderer of the murderer? And it can’t be that guy coz he was at the police thingy so it has to be… IDK maybe the murderer killed himself so he would be with the supermodel in hell or whatever place the dead go to…😑😑😂😂😂😂 if so then the guy is a dumpster!!!

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