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Stone of Anamara

Stone of Anamara

The Stone of Anamara is a creepy online flash adventure game. The game starts with you running away from a crime scene and you take refuge at a deserted children’s asylum. While exploring the asylum, you uncover the story behind the asylum doctor and the mysterious illness of his patients. Enjoy the dark world of mysteries and surprises in this awsome game.

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  • a continuation of @mayalovesschoo’s directions:
    a ghost will appear, go to the room it pointed at and find a white door. Go in and you will be in a bathroom. Turn on the tap in the sink, and a hand will write a word in the condensation on the mirror: kitchen. Then, when you try to exit you will be trapped. Thats all I know. Thx 4 da help maya XD. Hope this helps!

  • okay i stopped at the part where you go upstairs…
    Oh and here’s how you get in:
    If you go right from the front door and go to the back of the house, there is a little door there and a mat. click the left upper corner or the mat to reveal some keys. when u grab them, turn right and click on the leaves that are on the wall until you see a little fuse box. open it with the keys u found and keep clicking on the inside and then the power will shut on and you will end up inside.

    here’s how to get you started, and then you’re on your own >:D
    So keep turning until you find a clock. click on it and set it to the time: 6:55. to set it, you keep clicking on the hands until it’s set time. then the same thing will happen when you got inside you know all swirly and red, blah blah.

    that’s all im telling you because that’s all i remember, honestly.

  • i will try this game as i seem to struggle with the others , maybe it is a good beginners game ha ha

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