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Stella is a story written by a member of this website named Angie311211.


There was a popular teenage girl named Stella Brooklyn. She was so popular but she wasn’t mean like other popular girls. She was nice to everyone, even the geeks! So that meant everyone loved her!

One day, a new girl came to Stella’s school her name was Audrey Madison she was a normal girl. Stella was going to her class when Audrey was looking for help to find her class and her locker.Stella helped her and found a lot of things about her and it turns out her class was also Stella’s class. Audrey asked Stella if they could be friends. Stella agreed. Later on they became BFFs and promise to never keep secrets from each other.

One day, Stella was walking in the hallway and she saw a crowd and wanted to see what happened.When she looked she was shocked to see a girl that looked just like her but only the hair. Stella’s hair was blonde with a cute side braid she only told Audrey how to make it.

Stella asked, “Whats your name.”

The girl said, “Audrey,I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to copy your hairstyle!”

Stella said, “Its ok.”

Audrey said, “Thanks your the bestest friend ever!”

Then they all went back to class.Stella had a date with her boyfriend so she needed to meet him at a restaurant around the corner.She waited for a long time so she called him.

Stella said, “Where are you I’ve been waiting for so long!”

He said,“Oh right i have to tell you something i have to break up with you i’ve met someone else”

Stella said,“Ok i understand bye”

The next day Stella talked to Audrey in the hallway.

Stella said,“Anthony broke up with me last night”

Audrey said,“Oh yea ummm im dating Anthony….Im so sorry”

Stella said,“What! How could you!”

Stella turned and walked away.

Stella was sleeping when she heard footsteps coming to her room. She was so scared she didn’t know what to do. The door creaked open and Stella saw the shadowy figure of a girl standing there. It was holding a knife and it came towards her.

She saw that the figure was Audrey.

Then Audrey choked Stella and stabbed her in the stomach several times. Then Stella was already dead.

The last thing she heard was Audrey saying, “Guess who’s the popular girl now!”

scary for kids


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  • The story isnt bad but some things dont make sense, 1- They became BFFs right on the spot? Wtf 2- She asked Audrey her name. If they were besties they should remember each others face right?! 3- Why was there a crowd? Whats the big deal about a braid? 4-Audrey totally overreacted 5-I love how she was like “ok i understand bye” uhmm a little not realistic 6- You obviously say very naturally to your best friend that your bf dumped u 7- You as an amazing BFF dont try to comfort her or hide the truth or NOT DATE YOUR BESTIES BOYFRIEND IN FIRST PLACE you naturally tell her that u r dating him 8- I dont get it. She killed Stella for what reason? Was she trying to be her by copying her hairstyle and stealing her bf so that she could be popular instead of Stella?

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