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Steel Bathtub

Steel Bathtub

The Steel Bathtub is a real ghost story about a young woman who has a creepy experience in the bathroom of her new apartment. It is based on a scary story from Japan that is supposed to be true.

Steel Bathtub

A few years ago, I moved into a new apartment. The rent was cheap and it was close to my workplace. It was just a smal one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom. The best thing about it was that, instead of a shower, there was a beautiful steel bathtub.

One night, I was sitting in the bathtub, washing my hair. My vision was blurred by the shampoo, but out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something strange. On the rim of the tub, I thought I saw two white hands.

I quickly splashed water on my face, but when I opened my eyes and looked around, the hands were nowhere to be seen. I tried to convince myself that it was just an optical illusion.

However, a few days later, I was sitting in the bath again. I was looking for the soap and I happened to glance behind me. That’s when I saw them. Two white hands were clinging to the edge of the tub.

When I looked back again, a split-second later, the hands were gone. It sent a chill down my spine. I was sure that the pale hands I had seen were those of a child.

Not long after that, I had a day off from work and decided to organize my bedroom. I needed somewhere to put my suitcase, so I opened the drawer at the bottom of the built-in cabinet. When I pulled out the cardboard that had been laid on the bottom of the drawer, something fell out and landed on the floor.

It was a photo of a young boy who appeared to be about kindergarten age. I looked at his pale white hands in the picture and they looked eerily familiar. It gave me the creeps, so I threw it in the garbage can along with the rest of the trash.

That night, as I was lying in bed, watching TV, I heard a noise in the bathroom. I got up to take a look and found that the steel bathtub was filled to the brim with cold water. I bent down to pull out the plug, but, I saw something reflected on the surface of the water.

It was the shadow of someone standing behind me… A woman with long hair.

All of a sudden, something grabbed a hold of me and pushed my head into the cold water. I tried to fight, but it was too strong. I struggled to escape from that icy grip, but it wouldn’t let me go. I couldn’t breathe and my lungs felt like they would burst. I was terrified I was going to drown.

Flying into a panic, I kicked my legs, but there was nothing behind me to kick. I twisted my body and thrust my hands out, trying as hard as I could to lift myself out of the tub. With all my strength, I managed to pull my head out of the water and, gasping for breath, I spun around.

There was nobody there.

The bathroom door was closed. I turned the handle to open it and that’s when I felt something touch my leg. I looked down and saw a small, white hand gripping my ankle.

I let out a scream and ran out of the bathroom. The apartment was completely empty. I rushed out the door and went to stay at a friend’s house for the night.

I was plagued by questions. Who lived there before I moved in? What happened there? I tried to ask the landlord, but he wouldn’t talk about it.

I decided to move out and find another place to live. When I went back to the apartment to collect my stuff, I found my suitcase lying on the bedroom floor. It was already fully packed.

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  • I think that boy drowned in the bath tub and his mother/aunt or whatever committed suicide there

  • i have noticed a thing that if something brings pleasure…then afterwards the same thing brings sadness…like in the story the man was really happy when he got a new apartment with beautiful bathtub… and also an apartment near his working place..i agree with @wolf.. but its strange that instead of the kindergarden boy the women attacked him because he threw the boy’s photos in trash… anyways nice story

  • @I_eat_creep Pretty sure it was the ghosts who packed her suitcase.

  • i really want to visit japan!!! nice story but I want to know what happened to the family of the boy….

  • I wonder if there was a family that lived in the apartment before he came, and ended up getting murdered.

    The landlord wouldn’t talk about it, so as to not scare people away.

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