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St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse in Florida is haunted by paranormal activity and ghostly apparitions. Ghost Hunters investigated the lighthouse in an episode of their TV series.

St Augustine Lighthouse

St Augustine Lighthouse is located on the north end of Anastasia Island and is probably the most famous haunted light in America. For years, it has been a favorite location for ghost hunters and paranormal television shows.

During the golden age of piracy, thirteen pirates were captured and executed at St Augustine Lighthouse. Their bodies were then buried behind the tower. Their spirits are said to walk the grounds late at night.

In 1853, the lighthouse keeper was painting a tower when he slipped and fell to his death. His ghost is said to haunt the lighthouse tower and basement.

Several employees have reportedly seen a hazy male figure walking through the lighthouse. Footsteps from an unseen presence can be heard shuffling on the gravel outside and walking up the steps inside the lighthouse.

A terrible tragedy occurred at St Augustine Lighthouse in 1873. The man overseeing construction at the time, was a Mr Pittee. He moved his whole family down from Maine to be with him. There was a tram rail that was built to carry supplies from ships to the mainland. The tram ran from the ocean all the way up to the lighthouse and the Pittee children loved to get into the tram car and ride it up and down.

One day, there was an accident and the tram car in which the kids were playing was derailed. The children screamed in terror as they were thrown head-first into the water. Nearby workers were able to save two of the kids, but three of the girls drowned in the tragedy.

Ever since, there have been reports of ghostly young girls being sighted at St Augustine Lighthouse. Children’s laughter is often heard in the tower, and one girl has been seen, dripping wet and clothed in the same blue velvet dress she wearing when she drowned.

During the 1980s, when the keeper’s house was being restored, workers often spent the night there. They woke up in the middle of the night to see a young girl, dressed in old-fashioned clothes, silently watching them.

St Augustine

Reports also say that the the haunting forms of two little girls can sometimes be seen standing on the St Augustine Lighthouse catwalk. A man took a photo of the lighthouse and captured what appears to be the figure of a girl leaning against the railings at the top of the tower, gazing out to sea.

When Ghost Hunters visited St Augustine a few years ago, they caught a female voice on their recorders that seemed to be saying “Help me. Help me.” Their video cameras also captured a dark figure moving very quickly up the circular staircase. It stopped and appeared to be looking over the railings on the top floor before it disappeared completely.

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  • That’s sad, the 3 girls deaths, but they aren’t considered evil ghosts right?

  • St. Augustine Lighthouse is a wonderful lighthouse to visit. It’s very well taken care of and the history is great! I enjoyed talking to employees and volunteers about the ghosts that reside here. When I watched GhostHunters show when they visited here, I knew they would catch footage of hauntings that occur there.

    Seeing this photo is exciting and just adds more to the ghost stories surrounding this lovable lighthouse. Everytime I’m in Florida, I can’t help but visit this lighthouse. It’s the best!

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