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Spring Grove

Spring Grove

Spring Grove Cemetery is a beautiful but haunted cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has a history of weird and unexplained stuff and contains perhaps the most creepy headstone ever made.

The highly unusual headstone belongs to Charles Breuer, who died in 1908 at age 63. It is an incredibly detailed bronze bust of his head, raised 7 feet above ground. But the creepiest thing about it is that it seems to have real eyes.

Spring Grove

The eyes are so realistic that they have caused onlookers to gasp in horror. Those who have seen the headstone claim that the eyes seem to flicker and the pupils dilate. Some people who visit say that they can see the eyes following them as they walk around the Spring Grove Cemetery. Others claim they have actually seen the head turn out of the corner of their eye.

When it rains, people say the eyes do very weird things indeed.

And rumor has it that Charles Breuer’s bust actually contains his real eyes. Apparently, in life, he was an optometrist and was obsessed with eyes. His obsession was so great that his dying wish was to have his own eyes removed, preserved in glass and placed into the eye sockets in his bronze bust, so he could watch over his grave for all eternity.

Another well known story involves the Dexter Memorial. This gothic looking memorial is located towards the front of the cemetery on a lake. Supposedly, if you sit on one of the porch you will see two white dogs run by. Sometimes they stop and stare at you, glowing bright white.

Yet another weird fact about Spring Grove is that the groundskeeper claims that, late one night, he saw hands clawing their way up out of the ground while he was making his rounds.

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  • That’s a wierd wish for your tombstone preserve your eyes and put them on your bust,maybe he was inserested in mummifying too!😉

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