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Southern Mansion

Southern Mansion

Southern Mansion in Cape May, New Jersey, is haunted by the ghosts of it’s past residents. It was constructed in 1863 by industrialist George Allen, who used it as a summer getaway for himself and his family.

Southern Mansion

There are said to be many spirits haunting the Southern Mansion. One of the rooms in the structure has caused many people to experience a high degree of anxiety and tension. Many claim that they feel a very heavy and uncomfortable feeling

It is believed that a terrible murder occurred in this particular room, though it is not known what happened. Individuals that enter this room claim that they feel the emotion and tension at extremely high levels.

Years ago, Ester Mercur was a resident of the Southern Mansion. She was the niece of the original owner, George Allen. It is believed that her ghost still resides in the home. A figure of a woman has been seen throughout the structure.

Many employees who work in the kitchen area claim that a female apparition watches them intently as they prepare the meals.

A lot of visitors to Southern mansion have been quite surprised to hear the the stange sound of laughing drifting through the halls. In some cases, they have seen a beautiful woman dancing merrily in various rooms. Voices and whispers have also been heard throughout the haunted mansion.

When Most Haunted visited Southern Mansion in 2008, unexplained noises, bangs and whispers kept the investigative team gripped with fear throughout the night.

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