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Soccer is a sad story about a young boy who was born without arms or legs. It is based on a Japanese story.


There was a boy in Japan who was born without limbs. All he had in place of arms and legs were little stumps.

The boy’s parents sent him to a normal school, but none of the other children would play with him. They just bullied him and called him names.

The little boy spent all his time on his own and was very sad and lonely. When the other children were playing sports like baseball and soccer, the boy sat on the sideline and watched.

His parents were very worried about him and they wondered if he would ever fit in with the other kids.

One day, the young boy came home covered in mud.

When his mother saw him she was horrified and asked, “What happened?”

“Today, the other kids let me play soccer with them!” the boy replied happily.

His mother was delighted.

“What position did you play?” she asked, smiling from ear to ear.

“None!” said the boy. “I was the ball!”

scary for kids


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