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Short Tales

Very scary short tales for kids and adults to read online. These quick samples of horror should be taken just before bedtime to ensure pleasant nightmares.

Short Tales

1. My daughter cries and screams at night. Every time I visit her grave, I ask her to stop, but she won’t listen.

2. Lying in bed, unable to sleep, I blinked my eyes and noticed a message written on the bedroom door. It read “I know you’re awake.”

3. I grabbed my husband’s arm tightly as we walked through the haunted house. By the time we got out, he was nowhere to be found but I was still holding his arm.

4. “Would you like some milk in your coffee?” asked the old woman. As she opened the fridge I caught a glimpse of something that looked like a human head.

5. I awoke to my Grandmother gently caressing my hair. It was nice until I remembered she died when I was nine.

6. “Eat your cookie!” screamed the old man at the little boy. “Eat your cookie or I’ll kill you!” The boy’s puppy’s name was Cookie.

7. Sometimes, when people come home, they feel a little paranoid and check every room just to make sure that they’re the only ones in the house. I’ve seen you do this. Luckily for me, you never check behind the curtains.

8. A man was shaving in front of a mirror. When he bent over to rinse his face in the sink, his reflection didn’t move.

9. They opened his grave but all they found was the head of the poor man whose body he had stolen.

10. All night, you keep hearing a faint creaking noise. You keep looking behind you, but there’s nothing there. Why don’t you look above you?

11. Last night, I heard laughter coming from the basement. My house doesn’t have a basement.

12. You hear a knock on the door of your hotel room and a voice shouts “Room service!” “I don’t remember ordering room service”, you reply. “Ok then I’m the maid”, says the voice.

13. While I was away, someone broke into my home. Nothing was stolen, but they left a dusty old coffin in the middle of my living room.

14. My neighbour has been screaming at me for days now. Maybe I should have buried her head with rest of her.

15. The darkness swallowed her. Then it spit her out.

16. You are on the toilet, taking a poop. You go to wipe, when you feel something grab your wrist and start pulling your hand into the bowl. You struggle and manage to free yourself. Jumping off the toilet, you turn to look, but there is nothing there. Now your hand is covered in poop.

17. Last night, as I was sleeping alone in my room, I smelled a fart that wasn’t mine!

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  • 😝 The last one. I smelled a fart they wasn’t mine. A little gross, but funny.

  • I love two sentence horror stories and had read most of these with the exeption of the last two… I hope we get to see more of there

  • You hear a knock on the door of the hotel room and a voice shouts room service! I didn’t order room service you say. Ok then I’m the maid. The maid left ten minutes ago! I’m the the plumber! My toilets not broken! I’m the cable guy! I don’t have a tv! I’m a murderer! I’m calling the police! No your not because I’m coming in! So the murderer busts in. Sees a military dude. Yeah I’m gonna go….. Runs out of the room. Sorry it is not so good

  • At first I thought all the little paragraph things were one whole story. I was like “Ok someones on something” lololol

  • How about ‘he had no idea what intense pain the man had felt before death…- oh wait, yes he did. He was the one that felt it.’

  • Last two were gross but hilarious. My favorite out of all of these would have to have been the one with the room service thing and the thing talking about what paranoid people do. But those are just my favorites the rest are still really good.

  • The last two were hilarious! They make you feel less frightened after the other tales, but a lot of them are funny.

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