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The Shadmock is a scary story about a monstrous man with a powerful whistle that can cause a human or animal to disintegrate. The story is based on a segment of an old horror movie called “The Monster Club”.


The Shadmock is an obscure monster that is some strange combination a werewolf, a vampire and a ghoul. It is a result of inbreeding between these monsters and the Shadmock is the lowest rung on the genetic tree of monsterdom.

The Shadmock looks like a human, but it is pale, gaunt and thin with sickly, clammy skin and dark circles around its eyes.

There is an old saying: “Vampire sup, Werewolves hunt, Ghouls tear. Shaddies lick, Maddies Yawn, Mocks blow, but Shadmocks only whistle.”

The whistle of a Shadmock is a very destructive force and it will kill or destroy anything in its path. They are reclusive and only use their whistle when they are angered.

“Fall to your knees and pray out loud,
When the moon hides behind a cloud,
Don’t blame the wind for the midnight shriek,
Or the floorboards when they begin to creak.
Don’t wonder why your hair suddenly bristles:
But abandon all hope when the shadmock whistles.”

There was once a Shadmock by the name of Raven who lived alone in an English country mansion. He was an eccentric and reclusive millionaire and his mansion was stockpiled with priceless antiques and rare works of art. Despite his wealth, he lived a lonely existence, with only his pet pigeons to keep him company.

While Raven wasn’t the most hideous man in the world, he was quite ugly and had a lot of problems attracting women. With his gaunt features, pale complexion and the dark circles under his eyes, he has a difficult time attracting anyone at all. In fact, even though he was 40 years of age, he had never so much as kissed a girl.

One morning, the Shadmock was out feeding his pigeons when he noticed a flea-bitten stray cat prowling around. It was stalking his feathered friends and before he had a chance to react, the cat pounced and bagged itself a mouthful of pigeon.

The Shadmock flew into a rage. His lips began to quiver and shake. Her puckered up his lips to form a tight little circle and let loose an ear-splitting whistle. It was the most eerie and inhuman whistle you could imagine…

When the whistle died down, there was nothing left of the cat but a smoking, charred carcass lying in the grass.

Raven had an extensive collection of priceless antiques and he needed all of his antiques to be cataloged. He put an advertisement in the newspaper for an assistant.

The ad was answered by a beautiful young woman named Angela. She was the prettiest, most lovely creature he had ever laid eyes on. From the moment he met her, he instantly fell in love. He hired Angela to be his secretary.

As the days went by, Raven and Angela spent a lot of time together. He began to delude himself that, despite his disgusting and revolting appearance, she might be able to fall in love with him as well.

However, what Raven didn’t know was that Angela already had a boyfriend and the couple were planning to steal every penny he had.

Over the next few weeks, the Shadmock lavished gifts on Angela and tried to develop a rapport with her. He even bought her an expensive diamond ring. When he took the ring out of his safe, Angela was watching and she made sure to memorize the combination.

Every night, Angela went home to her boyfriend and together they secretly plotted their crime.

Eventually, the Shadmock worked up the courage to ask Angela to marry him. She accepted, knowing it was her chance to get him to let down his guard, so she could get into his safe and rob him blind.

The Shadmock believed he had found true love at last and he was over the moon. He decided to hold a costumed ball to celebrate the engagement. All of Raven’s monstrous relatives were invited to attend, but he made sure they all wore masks.

On the night of the ball, the mansion was full of werewolves, vampires, ghouls and everything in between, but they were all sworn to be on their best behavior and Angela had no idea what lurked beneath their masks.

Finally, while the guests were dancing in the ballroom, Angela managed to slip away from the crowd. She made her way to the study and opened the safe, stuffing her handbag to the brim with wads of cash and priceless jewelry.

When she turned to leave, she saw the Shadmock standing in the doorway, watching her. There was a sad, pained expression on his gaunt face.

“Take it all,” he said. “Money and jewels don’t matter to me. Give it to whoever you want, but you could still love me… You could still love me…”

He approached her and desperately tried to kiss her, but Angela was so repulsed by him, she shoved him away.

“No!” she cried in a shrill voice. “You’re hideous and revolting. I’ve never come across such a wretched and disgusting creature. You turn my stomach. Just looking at you makes me want to vomit. All I wanted was your money and your jewels. I could never, ever love you.”

The Shadmock’s rage mounted and he was unable to stop himself. His lips began to quiver and tremble. He puckered up those thin lips and formed a tight little circle.

The guests in the ballroom heard a whistle. A loud, piercing, deafening, shrieking whistle. It rose higher and higher until it reached a pitch that made the walls tremble and broke the glass in the windows.

When the noise finally died away, the doors of the study suddenly opened and Angela stumbled out, clutching her ears.

“Help me… help me,” she mumbled from behind her mask.

The guests watched as she made her way to the door and ran off into the darkness.

Later that night, when Angela’s boyfriend returned home, he found her waiting for him. Her face was still covered by a mask.

“Well, did you get the jewels?” he asked eagerly.

Angela’s withered, blackened hand reached up and pulled away the mask. As pieces of charred flesh fell away, her boyfriend stared in horror at what remained of her face. He broke out into a cold sweat and his stomach was churning. He retched and vomitted all over the floor, then collapsed on the ground in a dead faint.

“You could still love me,” she croaked. “You could still love me…”

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