Scary For Kids
Scary Things to Do

Scary Things to Do

Scary things to do with friends when you’re bored at night or at a sleepover in the dark on Halloween.

Scary Things To Do

Play The Midnight Game

Play some scary ghost games and sleepover games.

Bloody Mary

Legend Tripping

Use a Ouija Board to contact the spirits of the dead.

Turn off the lights and sit in darkness

Play Scary Games

Read scary stories out loud.

Stare at your reflection in a mirror

Spend the night in a graveyard

Look at Scary Pictures

Watch Scary Videos

Watch Scary Movies

I have a really spooky house right up my road, and I used to psych me and my friends out by pretending ghosts lived in it, and going around it and looking in the windows and things

Tell your friends/family you’re going out, then sneak back into the house, creep upstairs and start making scary noises.

Put some of the fake blood on your shirt and then come out of the bathroom with a knife in your hands while your friend lies on the bathroom floor and pretends to be dead.

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