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Haunted Rockliffe Mansion was built high on top a rocky knoll in Hannibal, Missouri by John Cruikshank. It was finished in 1900 and he moved in with his wife and four daughters.


Cruikshank died in his bed in 1924 and Rockcliffe Mansion was boarded up for 43 years. Now, more than 83 years later, housekeepers often have to straighten Mr. Cruikshank’s bedding in that room, as it mysteriously retains the form of a 5-foot-4-inch body.

Caretakers who watched over the house for a decade when it was left empty report strong cigarette smoke that would waft in at midnight.

There have been reports by guests of hearing footsteps that walk into the room that Mr. Cruikshank occupied. Guests have witnessed the ghostly apparition of Mrs. Cruikshank, floating through her grand music room.

scary for kids

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