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Road Safety

Road Safety is a scary story about a woman who is out driving at night in a remote area when she spots a man lying in the middle of the road.

Road Safety

Late one night, my mother was driving down a lonely country road. She had her headlights on, illuminating the road ahead of her and there were corn fields on both sides that seemed to stretch on forever. All of a sudden, she saw something lying in the middle of the road. She slammed on the brakes and screeched to a halt.

Staring out through the windshield, she could see the body of a man lying in the road. She couldn’t see his face, but it looked like he was hurt.

She was about to get out of the car and see if she could help him, but at that moment, the hair on the back of her neck stood on end and alarm bells sounded in her head. Something just wasn’t right. Her instinct told her to stay in the car.

She decided to drive around the man and stop in the next town to call the police. The road was very narrow and to get past him, she had to drive up onto the edge of the cornfield, crushing the stalks of corn.

As she was driving away, my mother looked in the rear view mirror and saw the man in the road get to his feet and run into the cornfield.

Terrified, she kept driving and didn’t stop until she reached the next town. She found a payphone, called the police and told them what she had seen. A few minutes later, two officers pulled up in a police car. They followed her back to where she had seen the man lying in the road.

When they got to the spot, the man was gone. My mother sat in her car with the doors locked, nervously watching the cornfields, while the police officers searched the area.

In the crushed corn stalks by the side of the road, they found the dead bodies of two men. It turned out that they had been run over. When my mother drove up on the cornfield to avoid the man in the middle of the road, she had unknowingly crushed his accomplices.

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    I know, SFK is a rly good writer, but this wasn’t the best story, that’s all. :)

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  • They wanted to attack the first person who came out to help the “hurt” man on the road.
    Dude, SFK doesn’t write the stories. SFK collects them so don’t be too harsh on him/her.
    Plus, most of the user written stories here are written so crappily so SFK has to do some MAJOR changes then he posts the original in the comment section and when you compare them you would REALLY appreciate what a good writer SFK is.
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  • I’m sorry, but this was really stupid. It’s like SFK did this in his/her sleep.
    1 out of 10 puppies. -_- 1 because it was creepy how the man was just lying there. I’ll bet he was gonna kill her if she tried to help him. :D
    All of a sudden, another puppy comes along…2 is better than 1, right?
    2 puppies.

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