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Remote Control Toys

Remote Control Toys

When remote control toys first came out, they were all cars, helicopters, trucks and planes. They were pretty lame and got old very fast.

Remote Control Toys

Recently, some genius had the bright idea of creating a remote control zombie. I love zombie movies. I love zombies. This is the greatest invention of all time.

Remote Control Toys

The remote control is shaped like a brain and, according to the very scientific explanations on the packaging, activates the brain waves of your zombie. He shambles forward, searching for brains to eat, just like a real zombie. You can press a button on the remote control to make him groan as well. You can pose his neck, shoulders, and hips too.

Be careful, though. If you buy this zombie, he will probably come alive at night, while you’re sleeping, and bite you. Then you’ll turn into a zombie and bite your family. Then your family will turn into zombies and bite everyone in your neighborhood. Before you know it, there’ll be a full fledged zombie rampage, all because of your remote control toy zombie.

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  • I also think they should have added remote control insects because there is one of a spider.💙😳😊

  • yesterday I was online n went to targets wrbsite to see wat they have n they got this toy bbut u gotta buy it online nott sold in stores so heads up pplz

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…so,ppl loves my taste…im a zomboligyst it means that ur one if u 1. Play a lot of zombie games(ex.lollipop chainsaw,dead island,the war z,etc.) about all different zombies and how they a lot of zombie movies(ex.zombieland,day of the dead,shawn of the dead,resident evil,dawn of the dead,etc.)and 4.when u belive in the zombie apocolype ps I thing the zombie apocolypes will happen one day in tjid universe…srry got caught up in that…

  • cool toy but most kids wanna b bitten by a vampire not a zombie
    XD funny chain of events at the end

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