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Red Room

Red Room

The Red Room is a scary Japanese urban legend about a pop-up that appears when you are surfing the internet. They say that if you close it, you will die.

The Red Room

There was a boy who was addicted to the internet. He heard an urban legend about The Red Room from one of his friends at school. That evening, when the boy got home, he went on the internet to see if he could find out anything more about it.

All of a sudden, a small window popped up with a red background. Written in black, was the message, “Do you like — ?”

The Red Room

The boy closed the window, but it popped up again. He tried numerous times to close it but it just kept re-appearing. Eventually, the boy noticed that the question had changed. Now, it read: “Do you like the red room?” and in the background, a child-like voice said, “Do you like the red room?”

Just then, the screen went black and a list of names appeared in red. At the bottom of the list, the boy saw the name of his friend… The friend who told him about The Red Room.

All of a sudden, the boy became aware of something behind him and he lost consciousness.

The Red Room

The next day, the boy didn’t turn up for school. There was a rumor going around that something had happened to him. The next day, his classmates head the horrible news. The boy had committed suicide, painting his room red with his own blood.

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  • So he died, then painted his room. Makes sense…… (no it doesn’t)

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