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Red House

Red House

The Red House at Pasir Ris in Singapore is believed to be the most haunted place in the country. Over the years, there have been many reports of dark shadows with glowing eyes, evil laughter, moving statues and crying dolls.

Red House

The Red House in Pasir Ris has been abandoned for more than four decades and is in a derelict state. The gate is chained with a rusty padlock and there is a sign that reads, “Private Property No Trespassing”. Two stone “Qi Ling” Chinese lions guard the entrance. For many years, rumors circulated around Singapore that the house was haunted. Teenagers would often sneak out at night and explore The Red House. It became a test of courage for a lot of young people.

Nobody knows what exactly happened in The Red House all those years ago. It is rumoured that there was a mass murder in this infamous property and that the source of all the strange activity.

During World War II, the building was a nursery or child care center. When the Japanese invaded singapore, the occupants were massacred. Some of the teachers and children were burned alive. They say that if you look closely, you can still see the charred imprints of burned bodies on the walls inside.

Years later, The Red House was a residential home and a family lived there. They say that the husband killed the wife and children and buried them under a tree in the back yard. After that, the wife’s ghost came back and killed the husband. Ever since then, the ghosts of those who died have not been at rest.

According to legend, if you go to The Red House after midnight, the stone lions turn their heads and stare at you as you pass by. In order to enter safely, you must feed the two lions by placing sweets in their mouths before going in. Other people light cigrattes and put them into the mouths of the stone lions before going in. They say that if you do this, you must come out before the cigratte burns out.

They say you should never try to enter the house if you are wearing any red clothing. Also, there is a belief that you should only go inside in a group that is an even number of people. If you enter with a group that is an odd number and you look down at your own shadows on the ground, you will see one extra shadow with both arms raised over its head.

The Red House is very small inside and it is dark and messy. There is a rattan rocking armchair with a doll sitting on it. They say the chair rocks by itself. Other people say the doll’s eyes glow red in the dark. Others have seen it weeping tears of blood. If you dare to take the doll away from the chair, they say you will hear a child crying or even screaming. There have been many reports of evil laughter coming from the house.

The house is believed to be haunted by three ghosts, a women with a red lantern, a young boy and a young girl. They say this is the mother and her two children. Near the big old tree behind the house is where these spirits are often seen. Sometimes people see just white shadows.

They say that before entering, if you want to be safe, you should light a joss stick, pray outside the house, then throw two coins to ask for permission to enter. If you get 1 heads and 1 tails, it means you may enter.

Many people run into trouble when they try to leave the house. Some come down with a fever or severe neck pain. Others have terrifying nightmares afterwards and wake up in a cold sweat. Two teenagers were climbing over the fence when they became entangled in barbed wire that ripped into their flesh. When they managed to free themselves, they were warned to clean off any bloodstains on the fence because evil things within the house can follow your blood and find you later.

One night, a group of 20 teenagers went to the red house. They decided to climb over the gate, but one boy didn’t know about the stone lions and didn’t leave any offering for them. When he was inside the house, his friends asked him if he was OK. He said, “Of course. I feel fine.” As he said it, blood started pouring out of his mouth.

When the group left, the bleeding suddenly stopped, but they noticed that the stone lions were facing in the opposite direction. A month later, a horrible accident happened to the boy. A lamp post suddenly fell down and stuck him on the head. He was hospitalized and died at approximately the same time as he had stepped on the lion’s head.

When another group of teenagers were exploring the house, they noticed the sky started to turn red. Some of them went into the back yard and saw something shiny in the grass. When they went to check it out and pulled back the grass, they found the top of a coffin with a metal plate stating a name and a date of death.

Another group of teenagers visited the red house and one of the girls stepped on the head of the stone lion without making an offering. One of the guys told her to say sorry, but instead, she said something disrespectful about the lion. They went inside and looked around. Everything seemed normal at first, but then the girl became very quiet. Her friends assumed she was just scared or tired, but the girl suddenly fainted and they had to carry her back to their chalet.

When they finally got there, she started screaming and shouting. The girl was trembling and shaking as though she was having a fit. She lost control of herself and started to bang her head against the walls. One guy quickly ordered the others to hold her down and shout for the evil thing to leave her, but the girl’s screams became louder and she became more violent. The guy quickly chanted over her and sprinkled some sort of water with leaves on her. Her friends began praying like crazy and none of them got a wink of sleep that night. Around sunrise, the girl woke up, but she didn’t remember anything. The guy said that she offend the evil things in the house. She made them angry and they wanted to teach her a lesson.

There was another gang of teens who went to the house, but they were afraid to venture inside. There was a cold wind blowing and an unnatural silence. The place had an eerie feeling about it that made their hair stand on end.

Just then, one of the boys noticed a dark figure standing in one of the windows. Its eyes were glowing red and it had long, untidy hair. It was a woman and she just stood there, staring at them. Then, she raised her hand and began beckoning to them with a gruesome smile on her face. They didn’t want to go in, but they found it almost impossible to resist. At that moment, a police car drove by and the teenagers ran away.

The Red House is a private property and the police are known to patrol the area frequently and prosecute any trespassers, so if you live in Singapore, please do not go near the area and please do not disturb the neighbors.

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