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Rapunzel is a scary fairy tale about a girl with long hair who is kept locked up in a tower by an old witch. It is based on an old German folktale recorded by The Brothers Grimm and the 1857 version features a horrific part where a man’s eyes are poked out by thorns.


Rapunzel is a 12-year old girl who has been kept locked up in a tower for most of her life by an evil old witch. She spends her time sitting in the tower, singing to herself.

One day, a prince hears her singing and comes to visit her. She lets down her long hair and he climbs up. He visits her again and again and before long, they fall in love and begin plotting a way to escape.

However, when the witch finds out the prince is visitng Rapunzel, she flies into a rage. She cuts off Rapunzel’s hair and casts her out into the forest, making her fend for herself.

That night, when the prince comes to visit, he climbs up Rapunzel’s hair and to his horror, he comes face to face with the old witch. She pushes him out the window and he falls into a patch of thorns which poke his eyes out and blind him.

The prince wanders around the forest for a long time, but then he runs into Rapunzel. She somehow manages to cure his blindness with her tears. Then, they have kids and live happily ever after.

scary for kids


  • There is the original story in the TV right now :-) The prince is blind by the fall from the tower and now Rapunzel (Locika) healed him with her tears :-)

  • Ummmm…is the chicken still 12 when they meet….Cuz if so…that’s gross. Guess you couldn’t put the other version on here huh?

  • Wow , but it’s nothing new cause this is the real story and @fanofscaryforkids , in the real story too he’s turned blind in this way so true that he had turned blind in the real story , too and I’ve checked the internet as well as Wikipedia and it too says he’d became blind by losing his eyes in thorns as the witch pushed him in it

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