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Radio Show

The Radio Show is a scary true story about a woman who called in to a radio program that was broadcast in Mexico and begged for help, claiming that her son was possessed and was trying to kill her. The transcripts of the radio show have been translated from Spanish.

Radio Show

There is a radio show in Mexico called “La Mano Peluda” (The Hairy Hand). It has been on the air for over 20 years and it used to broadcast after midnight. Every night, real people call in to the show and share scary stories that have happened to them or supernatural events that they have experienced.

I used to listen to the show every night, after I went to bed. My parents didn’t like me listening to it, but I turned the radio down low so they couldn’t hear. A few years ago, I heard one story that chilled me to the bone. A lady called in and said her son was trying to kill her.

Here is a transcript of the recording:

Caller: Senor Carlos, help me! Please, help me! My son! My son wants to kill me!

Host: Let’s see, calm down Senora. Tell me what happened.

Caller: For 7 months now, my son has been playing the Ouija board at night. I did not take it seriously, but now he speaks in another language and says strange words… He says that he wants to kill me and his brothers. He is very strong. Much stronger than any normal 13-year old boy. He tried to kill the dog with a knife and today… and today… No! Please don’t! No!

Host: Senora, what happened? Tell me, Senora, are you still on the line?

Caller: Help me! Help me, please! My son is levitating in his bed! My God, he is floating! He is floating! Help me, please! His eyes are all white and he has a knife! Madre de Dios! What do you want? Leave my son alone. Oh God! Senor Carlos! Someone help me!

At this point in the recording, screaming and crying are heard in the background and all of a sudden, the call is cut off.

For the next three days, the host of the radio show kept playing the recording over and over, asking for the lady to call in again. He also asked the public to identify her so they could try and get her some help. Eventually, a young man called in to the show and said he had some information.

This is a transcript of the recording:

Caller: I have information about the lady you are looking for, Senor Carlos, but it is better that you stop playing with what you don’t understand. Look no more into it. He is strong. He can kill you. Just walk away.

Announcer: What are you talking about? What is your name? Tell me.

YOUNG: I am just telling you to be careful. I told you to leave it alone, you idiot. Please don’t do anything. Just listen carefully to the recording. Listen… Listen… Listen…

At that point, the call was cut off.

The next day, the host of the radio show had some specialists on and they analysed the first recording of the lady who called in. Using various techniques, they were able to isolate and enhance the screams and cries at the end of the recording.

At first, it sounded like there were several people screaming and crying at once, but when they played one of the isolated voices, I swear to you, it chilled me to the bone.

The voice was just an echo, but it said:

“I’ll kill you Bitch! I’ll kill everyone! And if you’re still asking for help, I’ll kill them too! Nobody will help you, help you, help you, help you…”

It was horrible, because the echo was very distant but very clear.

Weeks later, another man called in to the radio show. He was very frightened, but he said he was willing to tell the host what had happened during the recording:

“Look, Senor Carlos, I will tell you about the day that lady called in. Her name is Senora Julia and she is the caretaker of a building in an area south of the city of Mexico. Late one night, I and 10 other residents in the building heard anguished cries. They were coming from the home of Senora Julia. We all rushed out onto our balconies which faced toward the courtyard where her home is. We heard her screaming and several men, including myself, went down to her house to find out what was happening.

“We forced the door open and saw her with the telephone to her ear, asking someone for help. That someone, we later learned, was you. Just then, we heard screaming and crying throughout the building. It was so strong that it stunned us for a moment. Senora Julia hung up the phone and ran to us, pleading with us for help. When we asked why, she said there was something wrong with her boy. Seriously, Senor, I have never seen anything like it before or since. We were all petrified with fear.

“We saw her eldest son and, I don’t know if you can believe this, but he was floating. He was about 3 feet off the floor. His eyes were blank and he had an evil smile on his face. I do not know how to describe it. He was smiling from ear to ear and it was a diabolical smile. In his hand, he was holding a large knife and it was dripping with blood. The neighbors didn’t know what to do. We asked the Lady what was happening and she just said that he wanted to kill everyone.

“We ran out of the house into the courtyard, but the boy followed us. He was in the middle of the courtyard, floating in the air and babbling in a strange language. All of the neighbors saw it. Some began to shout and others began to pray. One man tried to stop the boy by pulling on his foot. We helped him wrestle the boy to the ground. He was passed out and his eyes were rolling back in his head, but he would not let go of the knife. We did the only thing we could think of, Senor. We called a priest…”

At that point, the recording cut off.

The host of the radio show said he had tried to communicate with the lady and the man, but because neither of them had given their names, all of his attempts were unsuccessful. They spent months analyzing the previous recordings, but specialists said only that the young man must be possessed by a strong demonic spirit and without more information, there was nothing they could do.

According to the host, the radio show had to change its schedule because of the call. Afterwards, staff claimed they heard whispering voices, cries and moans in the building after midnight. On more than one occasion, a member of the radio show’s staff was thrown against a wall or beaten savagely by someone or something that was not physically there. One audio technician was seriously injured in a car accident, which he said was caused when the ghostly face of a young boy appeared on the windscreen as he was driving.

The staff of the radio show were so afraid that they complained to the producers and threatened to quit. The producers were forced to reschedule the show so that it started at 10 PM and finished just before midnight.

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  • is it necessary to smile ear to ear to make it appear evil??? just asking,coz ranging from jeff every other badguy in horror stories are always described to smile like that.

  • There is a story here about some hairy hands that suddenly appear and turn the steering wheel when someone is driving a car. Does the name of the show mean the same Hairy Hand? (I read the other story a long time ago, so I don’t remember the name of it.)

    Scaryforkids says: You’re talking about The Hairy Hands which is a true ghost story from England. The radio show is named after the Mexican Hairy Hand which is kind of a boogeyman in Mexico. There’s no real story to it. Parents just tell their children, “Don’t misbehave or the hairy hand will get you!”

  • Good but yess why didn’t she called the police and she shouldn’t have allowed her boy to play with ouija board

  • The story is really interesting, but the caller mentioned her name Senora Julia… then why they said that anyways… I Like it..!!!!!!!!

  • Wow they should do one of these in Portugal, oh wait 99.9% of the population is a skeptic 😒😒

  • the caller even said “her name is Senora Julia” but then the host claimed he couldn’t keep in touch because he didn’t know their names?

  • @lovevamps7
    I think it’s perhaps true… They said it’s true, sooooo… Niark… Never know…

  • Wow! I wish a such shows could be available for me too. The shows which i watch in the television are just lame and boring, nothing true about it.

  • Totally rad man…I’d work there…anyways y didn’t she call the police instead? He was probably speaking Latin…or English! Jk….probably Latin though, really.

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