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Queen Mary

Queen Mary

The Queen Mary is a haunted ship that is now moored in Long Beach, California. The ocean liner sailed the North Atlantic Ocean and many sailors died on board. Today, they give haunted tours of the rooms and halls where ghosts are believed to roam. It was investigated by Ghost Hunters in 2005 and Ghost Adventures in 2014.

Queen Mary

During World War 2, The Queen Mary was called “The Grey Ghost”. Afterwards, it was turned into a cruise ship. Today, it is permanently docked as a tourist attraction and hotel in Long Beach, California. The Queen Mary is said to have ghosts on board and many areas are said to be haunted.

A young sailor by the name of John Henry lied about his age so that he could serve on the Queen Mary. When a fire broke out in the engine room, he tried to flee but was crushed to death by door 13. They say his ghost still haunts the engine room and the smell of smoke and the sound of desperate knocking on the pipes can be heard coming from the spot where he met his untimely death.

Two women died in the first class swimming pool in the 1930s. There have been numerous sightings of ghostly female figures wearing old bathing suits and sounds of water splashing have also been heard. Sometimes, furniture moves around by itself and a few people claim they have felt the touch of invisible hands in the hallway.

Years ago, a little girl tried to slide down the bannister. She slipped and fell, breaking her neck. Her ghost now wanders the pool area and nursery asking people if they have seen her doll or her mommy.

According to legend, during the war, the troops on board didn’t like the meals. One night, some soldiers got the cook, stuffed him into the oven and burned him alive. They say his dying screams still echo in the kitchen to this day.

The Queen Mary’s third class children’s playroom is said to be haunted by the cries of an infant who died on board, while the Queen’s salon has had various sightings of a woman dancing in a white evening gown.

Some of the first class suites have had supernatural occurrences, as well. Reports of a man appearing in a mirror, running water, tugging of bed covers, phones ringing in the middle of the night and lights turning on and off have been on-going for years.

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  • this is an amazing story it would be nice to go there….but i can’t.

  • you forgot the man in one of the rooms who killed a woman. they do not let any one stay in the room due to reports of attacks in the room from a unseen man.

  • I’ve been to Long Beach California and visited the Queen Mary ship. I heard the splashing of water in the pool area and also saw a man (not mentioned in the story) walking around and when I asked him for directions he disappeared as if he evaporated into thin air! You may not believe me but I witnessed this myself.

  • Has anyone ever been on the Queen Mary ghost tour? The old pool freaks me out the most!

  • I saw a most haunted special on this and they found foot prints with salt resedue on it-

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