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Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

Play free puzzle games online. Scary and creepy point and click flash adventure games with puzzles and mysteries to solve.

Puzzle Games

1. House Game

House Game

The House is a scary flash game to play online. As the game starts, you find yourself in a haunted house that was built in 1970, and deserted some time after that. No one has entered the house since the day an entire family committed suicide for unknown reasons. This is a scary game, so make sure you’re brave enough to play. In this game, you will have to discover the mysterious secrets behind the tragic deaths of the family in this haunted house.

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2. House 2 Game

House 2 Game

In this game, you explore an old house in a small town that has been closed and left empty for decades. The house used to belong to a wealthy family. But then, one day, all of the family members committed suicide. Since that time, the neighbors have closed the house for good as they believe that the house is cursed. It is said that they hear a woman’s screaming voice coming from the house. Yet no one dares to enter the house… Do you? Click on the picture below to launch the game in a new window.

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3. Killer Escape

Killer Escape

Killer Escape is an online point-and-click adventure game. You awake to find you are being held in a cold dark cell by a mysterious serial killer. You must escape the killer and find a way out of the cell.

Luckily for you, the poor souls who were held there before you have left clues hidden around the cell, telling you how to escape. Examine everything and read every note because they contain valuable information. You will find tools hidden within cobwebs, behind loose bricks, inside dead rats and under stray eyeballs.

The game contains gruesome shocks and horrific discoveries that should send a chill down your spine. Each time you play, the game is different and the locations of the objects change. Check out the lockers for a grisly surprise…

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4. Sequester


Sequester is a free online adventure game with a spooky storyline. This game is somewhat unique because one of the puzzles you have to figure out is how to actually play the game.

You enter the dreams of a young boy whose sister died in a car crash. She is stuck between two worlds and doesn’t understand why. Taking on death itself, it’s up to you to guide him through the afterworld, as he journeys in search of his sister’s soul. You have to help her to cross to the other side and find peace again by solving all of the puzzles you find.

As you move through this dream world, you will gradually discover how to play the game. Enter the dark mind of a young boy as he dreams of his dead sister. What is holding her to this world, and what could her brother do about it even if he knew? Dreams can’t hurt you right?

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5. Closure


Closure is a free online flash game with a creepy atmosphere. This is a puzzle game unlike anything you have played before. The whole concept of the game revolves around light and darkness.

In the dark and mysterious world of Closure, the only thing that exists is what you can see. When the light is shining on the platforms, they exist. When the light isn’t shining on them, they disappear. The object of the game is to make your way to the hidden door on each level, using balls of light to reshape the platforms.

Wait until the game loads, then click “Begin”. Use arrow keys to move left and right and jump. Use the Down arrow to pick up balls of light. If you ever get stuck, R = Restart and K = Kill.

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6. Bright in the Screen

Bright in the Screen

Bright in the Screen is a creepy online puzzle game. You take on the role of a little black stickman who has to travel around a series of dark levels, negotiating platforms and obeying signs that tell you what to do. Unfortunately, the levels are infested with Red Freaks, who can kill you with a single touch. You must avoid them if you want to stay alive.

This platform game is quite smart and downright creepy. Just make sure you avoid the Red Freaks. Click where you are told to click and cross the platforms carefully to save your life. Use the keys A and D to move around and W to jump.

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Goliath the Soothsayer

Haunted Trapped Soul

Haunted Trapped Soul

Haunted The Trapped Soul is a scary game to play online. After hitting some kind of creature in your car, you wake up at a strange place. There is nothing around you but a ghostly abandoned house. Play this point-and-click adventure game, packed with creepy puzzles, to find out what’s really going on.

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Haunted The Trapped Soul Walkthrough:

Put the cable in an electrical plug.
Go out and turn left. Plug the other end of the cable into the generator.
Turn on generator (The missing screws on the side indicate the combination).
Enter the house. Turn on lights.
Turn left. Take crowbar and postcard from bookshelves.
Chair can be pulled close to the bookshelves.
There is a plate there.
Surface of the table, there is a handkerchief, diary page and photo.
In the cupboard, there are boxes and a battery.
Dust can be removed using your handkerchief.
Crowbar the table to find a safe-deposit box.
Code to open the safe-deposit box is the missing number at the time you clean the dust.
In that safe-deposit box you find the key to enter the next room, and a diary page.
Turn right 2 times, you can find a flashlight behind the broom.

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