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Puppet Master

Puppet Master

The Puppet Master movies were a series of evil toy horror films that see a bunch of killer puppets picking off the occupants of a hotel one by one.

Puppet Master

Full Moon’s Puppet Master movie is light on plot, but the evil puppets themselves are huge fun, each with a highly distinctive design and with their own methods of killing.

Blade is the leader of the puppets. He has a pale face with empty eye sockets and wears a wide-brimmed hat. He is possessed by the ghost of an evil Nazi scientist. Blade has a sharp hook for one hand and knife for the other. Sometimes he can shoot bullets out of his empty sockets.

Pinhead has a tiny bald head and a big muscled body. His two big hands that can deliver an enormous punch. He is possessed by a man who was killed by the Nazis for trying to give food to starving Jewish people.

Torch has a flame-thrower for his right hand that is used to burn people alive.

Puppet Master

Tunneler is a puppet with a drill on top of its head. It is inhabited by the ghost of an American Soldier who was captured and forced to work in the salt mines by the Nazis.

Puppet Master

Jester is haunted by a man who loved to play pranks until he was killed by the Nazis. He can rotate three parts of his face to change his expression. He holds a scepter which he uses as a weapon.

Six Shooter is a cowboy that has six arms each holding a gun. He can climb walls like a spider.

Leech Woman is a female puppet who likes to puke up man-eating leeches.

The film’s cult status has led to an amazing nine sequels, including Curse of the Puppet Master, Retro Puppet Master, Puppet Master The Legacy, and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys.

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  • please help me I am being held hostage by a man he has dark yellowish hare and he has very pale skin You are my last hope mjhgfdsdnjhgfdzsa

  • Pinhead is actually a demon who has a normal sized head but pure white complextion and has pins sticking out of his skull front sides and back not a guy who has a small head and huge muscular body and gigantic fists. Y else would they call him pinhead for

  • I watched one of these once (cant remember which) XD Six Shooter and Blade were my favorites :D

  • Blade isn’t an evil scientist.His soul belonged to Dr.Hess,a man which helped Andre Toulon for good.That’s when the nazis found out and killed Dr.Hess.Toulon put Dr.Hess’ soul into a puppet called Blade.All of the puppets are not evil,they’re souls belonged to good people.And they only killed because the had to obey their puppet master,they kill for good most of the movies,but the 1-3,I think,they killed.

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