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Project Pravus

Project Pravus

Project Pravus is a free online point-and-click adventure game to play. You take on the role of a real estate agent named Emily Mason who wants to figure out why a creepy old house has been put on the market for an incredibly low price.

As the game begins, you pull up outside the house in your car. You have to explore the house and examine everything inside in order to unlock its secrets. What starts off as a routine investigation quickly turns into something morbid and eerie…

The game uses sepia-toned photographs and creepy music to create an atmosphere of forboding and dread. Pull the curtains, switch off the lights, turn up the volume and solve the mystery.

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  • Project Pravus Walkthrough
    1. There is a master key in the glove compartment.
    2. In the trunk of the car, click the axe and look to the top right.
    3. There is an axe and a screwdriver in the shed.
    4. Bottom left of the fireplace is another piece of paper.
    5. A screwdriver can open a metal grate and an axe can be used on a jammed door.
    6. At the fuse box, turn number 17 switch on.
    7. In the antique secretaire’s keyhole is a small piece of paper.

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