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Scary premonitions of death and dreams of murder.


1. Michelle O’Keefe

There was a 17-year old girl named Michelle O’Keefe who had a rather strange premonition that she occasionally shared with her family.

She told her father, “You know, Dad, I’ve had a strange feeling that I’m not going to live much longer.” He was shocked and asked, “Is there somebody bothering you?” Michelle replied, “No, nothing’s going on. I just have this feeling that I’m not going to be around much longer.”

Then something truly odd happened. On her 18th birthday, her parents bought her a brand new Ford Mustang, but when the license plates arrived in the mail, the last three digits on the plates were 187. She went to her father and said, “Dad, I don’t want to put these on my car.” When he asked why, she replied, “Dad, that’s the police code for homicide.”

A few months later, Michelle was found dead in her car at a parking lot. She had been shot to death. The man who shot her was the parking lot attendant. To this day, nobody knows why he did it.

2. Eryl Mai Jones

Eryl Mai Jones

There was a little girl named Eryl Mai Jones who lived in the small coal-mining town of Aberfan in Wales. One day, she said something strange to her mother. “Mummy, she said, I’m not afraid to die. Her mother laughed and said, “You’re too young to be talking about dying.”

A few days later, Eryl Mai told her mother she had a very strange dream. “I dreamt I went to school and there was no school there,” she said. “Something black had come down all over it.”

The next day, the little girl went to school as usual. At 9:15 that morning, as she was sitting in her classroom, a huge stockpile of coal on a nearby mountain collapsed. The coal waste rolled down the hill like an avalanche and crahsed into the school completely burying it. 144 people were killed. 116 of them were schoolchildren. One of the dead children was little Eryl Mai Jones.

3. Helen Tillotson

In 1979, a young woman named Helen Tillotson lived in an apartment building in Philadelphia and her mother lived in an apartment across the street.

At 5 o’clock one morning, Helen heard a knock on her door that woke her from a deep sleep. She heard her mother shouting, “Helen, are you there? Let me in!” When Helen opened the door, her mother was standing there, demanding to know why Helen had been knocking on her door a few minutes earlier.

Helen assured her mother that she had been in bed all night. “But I saw you. I spoke to you,’ said her mother. She said Helen had told her to follow her home immediately without asking questions.

Suddenly, both women heard a loud noise outside. A gas leak in Mrs Tillotson’s building had caused an explosion, and her apartment was completely destroyed. If she had been there at the time, she would have been killed.

4. Reeva Steenkamp

Reeva Steenkamp Painting

Reeva Steenkamp was a beautiful model from South Africa. When she was just 14 years old, she told her parents she had a frightening premonition that she was going to die. She even painted a picture about it.

In the painting, she is wearing a red dress and covering her mouth with her hand. There is a look of terror on her face and she is standing at the bottom of a ladder leading to heaven. Behind her, there is the dark figure of a man with a gun in his hand.

Years later, on Valentine’s Day in 2013, Reeva was shot to death by her boyfriend, the paralympian Oscar Pistorius.

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  • @HorrorFanGirl
    I think you died of the sickness…because you said you were sick.

  • Dear Diary,
    Today i was sick, i didn’t go school. My Dad called the school and told them i coulden’t come in. Then my brother and sister came home from school and my brother suddenly collapsed, my Mum shot my sister with a pistol and my dad hit my mum with a golf bat at the back of her head then hung himself. How did i die?

  • Premonitions, to me, are a curse. They aren’t some superpower, they are an insight to your death, and I believe you can’t escape that fate. It’s very nerve-wrecking to know when and how you are going to die, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to enjoy life with your family, so having a premonition is one of my biggest fears.

  • I think premonitions actualy a gift. I hope I have one, so I can prepare for anything happen in the future. :)

  • OMg …. Too awsome….. Its like final destination pentology …. but in real life…. <3 it ….. Wished i have this premonatin too anyway …. I wann rate this story 7.4 out of 10 star ….. Especially only for 1. & 4 .story…. Its really nailed it…

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