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Popular Boy

Popular Boy

The Popular Boy is a short horror story about the death of a young boy well-liked and the people who show up at his funeral.

Popular Boy

Aiden was a popular boy and on the day of his funeral, nearly everyone in the town showed up to pay their last respects.

His father held back tears as he thought about how his son would never grow up to have children of his own.

His mother cried bitterly as she remembered the day he was born. Aiden had been her only child and she would gladly have given her life to save his.

The schoolteacher grew misty-eyed as she remembered Aiden’s smiling face. Every morning, he had placed a shiny new apple on her desk.

A girl in his class wept bitterly as she wondered how life could be so cruel. Aiden had been her first crush.

His next door neighbor slumped in his seat as he thought about how empty and quiet the neighborhood would be now Aiden was gone.

The old woman who lived down the street wiped away a tear and pondered her own mortality. Aiden called to her house many times to run errands for her.

The local shopkeeper sighed as he recalled how Aiden had bought candy at his shop every day and often shared it with younger children.

The priest recited a silent prayer as they lowered the coffin into the grave. He thought about how Aiden always stayed behind after mass on Sundays to help him collect the prayer books.

The butcher frowned as he wondered what exactly was in the coffin. He had spent the night before carefully chopping up Aiden’s body and putting it on display in his shop window.

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  • Seriously @1184 he died when the butcher chopped up the little boy at night so apparently the shop was closed

  • Guys, humans are meat. And didn’t just stick out a head or a leg in his shop window, because then people would know what he did. He would have skinned, gutted, and cut or ground the meat like they do with animals. The butcher probably either killed him because a. he didn’t like the kid or b. he needed more meat (probably the latter).

  • How do people take out the bones? And I don’t know why but I laughed when I read the butcher part. Nice story. And what was in the coffin?

  • What Kind Of Butcher Chops Up People? I hope He Got Fired!! Also there’s A Butchers where I live!! HELP ME!! Lol, I thought butchers chopped up meat….

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