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Poltergeist Movies

Poltergeist Movies

Poltergeist is a scary ghost movie about a family who move into a new house that was built on an Indian burial ground.


Some people talk about a “poltergeist curse”, because a lot of the people who worked on the movie died mysteriously, including the little girl, Heather O’Rourke.

Poltergeist The Movie

In the first movie, Carol Ann is sucked into the closet and disappears. They hear her disembodied voice coming from inside the tv. With the help of ghost hunters and mediums, they attempt to rescue her from the demonic forces holding her prisoner in the realm beyond.

There’s plenty of scary things in this movie, like the clown that becomes a grinning monster in the dark, the thing under the bed, the gnarled human tree in the backyard, paranormal thunderstorms, and the shadows in the half-open closet. In the scariest scene, an invisible force drags the mother around the walls and ceiling of her room.

Poltergeist 2 The Other Side

In the sequel, the family are terrorized by the ghostly Reverend Kane, a puritan minister who died along with his followers on the site of their house. He is determined to take Carol Ann and the family enlist the help of Indian shaman to confront the evil spirits once and for all.

The scariest scenes are when the dad drinks a ghost in a bottle by mistake and vomits it up, attacks by garage implements, and the braces on their son’s teeth attack him in the bathroom.

Poltergeist 3

Carol Ann Freeling is now living with her aunt and uncle in Chicago. But when a psychiatrist tries to delve into her past he succeeds in resurrecting Reverend Kane who takes over the entire apartment building to get to Carol Ann.

The best bits are ghostly apparitions in mirrors, backwards writing and strange symbols and an especially weird scene where an old woman dies and turns into a gnarled brown corpse and then Lara Flynn Boyle breaks out of her creepy old face. I don’t know how else to describe it. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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