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Pittock Mansion

Pittock Mansion

The Pittock Mansion in Portland Oregon is a supposedly haunted residence, built by Henry Pittock, owner of The Oregonian newspaper.

Pittock Mansion

The 20-room Pittock Mansion is located in the hills overlooking Portland. Although Henry Pittock only occupied the house for a few years, the decedants of the Pittock family remained in the house until 1958.

Because the building was extensively damaged in a 1962 storm, the family considered demolishing the building. Local residents raised money and the city of Portland purchased the estate and opened it to the public as a historical landmark.

Since the house has opened to the public in 1965 there have been some stories of strange happenings throughout the mansion. A boyhood picture of Henry Pittock seems to move from place to place. It is usually kept on a bedroom mantle, but will move to different locations only minutes after it was last seen.

Some visitors have reported hearing the sound of heavy boots walking in or out of the rear entrance. A woman was looking at the picture displays in the basement level when she suddenly felt something odd. She turned around and saw the figure of an elderly woman, standing next to her. The woman vanished, before her eyes.

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