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Pinocchios Revenge

Pinocchios Revenge

Pinocchio’s Revenge is an evil doll movie from 1996 that starred Candace McKenzie and was directed by Kevin Tenney.

Pinocchio's Revenge

Pinocchio’s Revenge begins with the discovery of the body of a murdered child in a shallow grave. The police find a Pinocchio doll buried beside him. They suspect that the boy’s father is a serial killer and he is put on trial for murder.

During the court proceedings, his defense attorney believes that he is innocent and is hiding the identity of the real murderer. After he is executed, she accidentally takes the Pinocchio doll home with her. She has a young daughter, named Zoe, who thinks the doll is a birthday present and grows very attached to it. The young girl starts acting strangely as she begins talking to her Pinocchio doll.

Suddenly, mysterious accidents start happening to anyone who crosses Zoe. A girl who bullies her at school is pushed in front of a bus. Zoe claims that the Pinocchio doll was to blame for the accident. Later, her mother’s boyfriend is pushed down the stairs and ends up in hospital. Zoe claims Pinocchio did it. The mother becomes worried and brings Zoe to see a psychiatrist.

That night, Pinocchio convinces Zoe that he will behave if she cuts his strings. When she complies, he runs off down the street and a spate of mysterious murders begin.

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