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Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain is a spooky urban legend from Canada about a group of children who disappeared while on a camping trip in the mountains.

Pinnacle Mountain

In the Summer of 1973, a strange mystery baffled the citizens of Quebec, Canada. There was a family by the name of DuPere who lived in the small town of Baldwin’s Mills, near Lyster Lake. They had three children, two boys aged 13 and 12 and a girl aged 9.

It was a hot Summer afternoon and the DuPere boys decided to go camping at Pinnacle Mountain, which was close to their home. They left with their tents and sleeping bags without notifying their parents. Their 9-year old sister went with them.

It wasn’t until supper time, that their parents noticed their absence and became concerned. Not knowing where their children were, Mr. and Mrs. Dupéré waited for them to come home. As the minutes turned to hours and there was still no sign of the boys and girl, the parents grew sick with worry.

They began to call their friends and neighbors, but no one had seen the children. Searching the house, the anxious parents discovered that the tent and sleeping bags were missing. They flew into a panic and called the police.

The next morning, when their children had still not come back, the townspeople of Baldwin’s Mills gathered in the church at the foot of the mountain. They were all concerned about the welfare of the missing children, so they organized a search party and began combing the mountain.

Along the winding trails that led up Pinnacle Mountain, the search party discovered a tent and two sleeping bags along with some food wrappers that were discarded on the ground. There was no sign of the DuPere children.

Nobody could explain what had happened to them.

Perhaps they wandered off and got lost,” said some. “Maybe they were injured in a fall or starved to death,” said others. It seemed that no one could offer a theory that made sense. To this day, the bodies of the missing children have never been found.

Many people who go hiking on Mount Pinacle say they can sometimes hear the eerie sound of children crying. According to legend, the ghosts of the lost children are trying to lead people to the location of their bodies…

(Note: This is supposedly a true story, but I can’t find any records to back it up. If you’re reading this and you’re from Canada and can verify this story is true, please leave a comment below.)

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  • This story is very mysterious.
    Account for the missing kids.
    Has Slenderman taken them?
    Been lurking in the shadows for them?
    Hacked life files spit out the truth.
    But they can be rarely found.
    “This message is cursed” is a lie they tell you.
    Is it really just a lie?
    The last person who said that to me passed away last week.
    Last week when when they read it.
    Message me if you have similar experiences.
    I will try and help you out.
    Can you see ghosts?
    Send a message if you’ve ever seen one.
    In your house there’s a few.
    Secret beings surround us, so be on the lookout.

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