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Physics Teacher

Physics Teacher

The Physics Teacher is a strange story about a bunch of students who notice that there is something different about their favorite teacher.

Physics Teacher

A strange event took place in our school. In the seventh grade, we had a physics teacher Named Mr. Sedgwick. He was a good teacher and he was popular with all the kids. He wasn’t strict, he told a lot of jokes in class and he was generally a nice guy.

It all started one cool Autumn day after lunch. As usual, when the bell rang, we all went back to the classroom and sat down at our desks. However, our physics teacher wasn’t there. He was always waiting there in the classroom before the bell rang, but this time he was nowhere to be found.

With only 15 minutes to go before the end of the lesson, Mr. Sedgwick came storming into the classroom. He slammed the door, greeted us coldly and sat down at his desk.

In a dry voice, he said that our notebooks, which he had collected the day before to correct, were missing and he couldn’t find them. He informed us that we’d just have to buy new notebooks and do the exercise over again.

We all let out a groan, but Mr. Sedgwick suddenly banged his fist on the desk and yelled, “Shut up!” He was seething with rage and gave us a look like he wanted to slit our throats. It was chilling and so out of character that it shocked us into silence.

From that day on, we all noticed a big change in Mr. Sedgwick. He was no longer the laid-back, friendly teacher he had once been. Instead, he was mean and angry, snapping at us no matter what we said and flying into a rage over the most trivial things.

He was acting differently, not only with the students, but also with the other teachers. He barely socialized with them at all and if he was forced to talk to them, he was all business.

Everyone wondered what had happened to him. He wasn’t married and he didn’t have any kids, so it couldn’t be problems at home. The teachers in our school were relatively well-paid, so it couldn’t be money troubles.

It was the start of December when something odd happened. One of my classmates, a boy named Max, stayed back after school because he had to meet with Mr. Sedgwick to go over a physics project. We were waiting for him outside. All of a sudden, we saw two teachers heading towards the medical office, carrying Max in their arms. Following them was Mr. Sedgwick…

When Max regained consciousness, we asked him what had happened, but he didn’t remember a thing. All he could recall was that he had opened the door to the classroom, stepped inside… and that was all. Mr. Sedgwick said that Max had just fainted and somehow rolled out into the corridor. The other teachers accepted him at his word, but we weren’t so sure.

Whatever the cause, from that day on the hair on Max’s head started to turn grey. Whenever he saw Mr. Sedgwick in the corridor, he would break out into a cold sweat and his whole body would begin to shake. By the Christmas holidays, Max had a full head of white hair and nobody could explain it.

Everything came to a head in mid-January when, one day, to all our surprise, the police showed up. Behind the school, on the other side of the football field, there was a dense forest. On the edge of the woods, in an area where the grass grew tall and thick, a dead body had been discovered.

The corpse was badly decomposed. In fact, it was little more than a skeleton, but the police found a bag nearby, half-hidden in the tall grass. Inside, they found 30 physics notebooks. They were the missing notebooks that belonged to our entire class.

The police did an autopsy and later confirmed that the body belonged to Mr. Sedgwick and that he had died of a broken neck.

And the Mr. Sedgwick who had been teaching us all this time? Well, he just disappeared. After the police came to the school, nobody had seen him again. He was scheduled to teach more classes that day, but he never showed up. He just seemed to disappeared off the face of the earth…

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