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Pencil Face


  • lol, nightfall ‘s meaning reminded me of “Anna, you can’t marry a man you just met.”

  • @deadmeat and @vampirehunterkd i also used to see shakalaka boom boom shalaka boom boom its was really funny

  • @vampirehunterkd ha ha i always wanted shakalaka boom boom pencil when i was a kid

  • Pencilface is a demon who preys on young children who are either naive and or neglected and deserted by their parents (hence the isolated place the girl is in.) The demon does this by falsely leading the child into believing he can give them things they want and have never had before (birthday cake, toys etc.)
    It’s almost like selling your soul. By the child drawing what they “want”, basically they are signing over their soul. Once they have been given a wish or two, Pencilface the demon fools them into drawing a “lollipop”. This then turns into a vortex where Pencilface can then claim the soul of the child.
    And then the next lonely, neglected child will come along…

  • Does this not remind anyone else of that spongebob episode with the magic pencil and frankendoodle?? Lol!!

  • I get it.He gave her favours and he wanted his favour so he tricked her into drawing to the vortex and it sucked her in.I’m pretty sure he wanted her soul.
    The meaning:Never trust someone who you just meet.

  • @Scarylady well sort of, it’s just like a portal or something….your theory is cool

  • it was a VORTEX!?!?? oh lmao I was thinking it was some oddly shaped magic pencil sharpener and that’s how the pencil got a face in the first place and she would be a pencil face too!!! :D
    i love pencil face he’s so cute!!! :)

  • You see what she waned she got and it was sort of greed so when she began to trust the pencil face it turned on her it made it a vortex to nothingness…like a black hole….

  • I think this video about the pencil luring the girl in with this “power” and she tries to be creative but is always redirected into what the pencil wants her to think; she is tricked by the pencil into drawing the vortex and is sucked in. I believe this video about her loosing her creativity, though I feel that this is not the pencil’s first victim.

  • Oh my God……. I’m crying that was so creepy @SFK what was that thing that sucked her in?? what even happened to her??

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