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Open Grave

Open Grave

The Open Grave is a funny scary story about two men who fall into a grave and can’t get out. It is based on an old folktale and is sometimes known as “You Can’t Get Out”.

Open Grave

One dark and rainy night, a drunk man was on his way home from the pub. He decided to take a short-cut through the cemetery, but he wasn’t looking where he was going and accidentally fell into an open grave.

He tried and tried to climb out but the dirt was too slippery and he couldn’t get a handhold and kept slipping back down. After several failed attempts, he gave up and resigned himself to spending the night in the grave.

While he was still in there asleep, another man came along and fell into the same grave. The man jumped and scrambled and did everything he could think of to get out. He started calling “Help! Help! I’ve fallen into a grave! Someone get me out of here!”

The drunk reached out, tapped the man on the shoulder and said, “It’s no use. You can’t get out of this grave.”

The other man let out a terrified scream in terror, jumped six feet into the air and ran all the way home.

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