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Old House

Old House

The Old House is a real ghost story about a married couple who inherit a property that is haunted. When they ask a priest to bless the house, it unleashes the evil lurking inside.

Old House

There was an old couple who lived next door to me. Sometimes I would drop by to visit them and chat over a cup of tea or ask them if they needed something from the local shops. They treated me like a granddaughter. One day, over tea, I asked the old woman why she never had children of her own. She went pale in the face and after a while, she told me this terrible and unbelievable story.

She said that shortly after they got married, the husband inherited an old house from his grandmother. It was located on the outskirts of the city. The grandmother had spent the last years of her life in a psychiatric hospital. Nobody knew exactly what happened to her. All that was known was that her hair had turned grey overnight and she went insane. Her house had been empty for many years. Nobody ever knew about the hidden evil that lurked within.

The young couple began to renovate the house, but things started going wrong from the start. Whenever they tried to do repairs, it seemed that they were taking one step forward and two steps back. They put up new wallpaper, but almost immediately it was covered in damp and mold. They put in a new floor, but within days, the floorboards were soggy and rotting.

The couple’s health also began to decline. The husband had always been a strong and healthy young man, but he suddenly began to suffer from headaches at night. The wife discovered she was pregnant, but it wasn’t long before she lost the baby. Because of all this bad luck, their parents suggested they should invite a priest to bless the home, which was the tradition at the time.

This was the moment when the nightmare began.

As soon as the priest arrived, the couple heard a loud ringing in their ears. They felt as if their heads would split apart. Throughout the whle house, there permeated a disgusting smell. It was an unbearable stench that seemed to come from the pits of hell. Suddenly, a powerful breeze blew through the house and the front window fell out of its frame. The glass fell on the priest and injured him, opening a deep gash in his head. The priest was so scared, he ran out into the street and was hit by a car. The young couple stayed with him and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

As they were taking him away, the priest advised the couple to leave the house immediately. He said there was something evil in the house and he promised that he would consult with his superiors in the church and find a way to help them.

The couple weren’t able to move out of the house. They couldn’t afford to rent another place and their parents lived in small apartments and had no room to take them in. They couldn’t even sell the house because it had a bad reputation. Without understanding what was going on, the man with the woman were forced to go back to the house, which suddenly seemed very quiet and begin to clean up after the unexplained events. The woman had a strange sensation of an unearthly presence in the house. She said that it was unusually quiet, like the calm before the storm.

One day, they got a call from the priest who had tried to bless the house. He asked if he could bring two other priests with him and carry out a ritual to rid the house of evil. Of course, the young couple agreed. The man and woman met the three priest in a nearby park and handed over the keys of the house. They waited in the park for the ritual to be finished.

Three hours later, the priests returned and told them that the house was now in order. The priests said they were surprised because while they performed the ritual, the evil in the house never showed itself once.

After that, events began to develop at a frightening pace.

One night, the wife had a terrible dream in which she saw thick black cobwebs all over the house and heard a blood-curdling voice scream, “Get out! Get out!”

The next morning, her husband was walking down the stairs when a chandelier that hung in the hall fell on him and broke his leg. While they were at the hospital, their oven somehow caused a fire and the entire kitchen burned down. Every day, something strange and terrible would happen that defied explanation.

The last straw came when the young wife was at the top of the stairs and she felt something strong push her down the stairs. When she was in the hospital, the doctors said that, due to her injuries, she would never be able to have children.

The couple left the evil old house and rented a small, cheap attic room in a building on the other side of the city. This quiet little closet seemed like paradise to them compared to their house of evil.

A few months later, the man found out that all three priests who had performed the ritual in the old house were dead. They had been overseeing some renovations on their church and a heavy crucifix had fallen off the wall and crushed them. The wife was horrified by the news and decided to dig through the archives and find out about the history of the house.

She discovered that it had once been owned by a rich man with a terrible legacy. He had devoted his life to evil. He was a satanist and police suspected that he performed satanic rituals in the house that involved blood sacrifice and murder. A number of children in the area had gone missing. When the police knocked on his door, the rich man locked himself in his office and shot himself in the head. He was buried outside the cemetery and without a funeral service.

It was after that terrible incident that the strange and terrible things began to occur in the house. All of the subsequent tenants who stayed in the house, would not live in it for very long. They were constantly changing and running away.

When the husband’s grandmother came to live in the house, she was a young and beautiful woman. She married several times, but every one of her husbands died in the house under mysterious circumstances. By the time she was an old woman, she hoped that all the troubles associated with the house were over, but something terrible and incomprehensible must have happened there one night that drove her out of her mind.

When the sinister building was demolished, many people saw a strange black cloud rising into the sky. All of the birds in the trees seemed to flee from it.

When she finished her story, the old woman said that today, the place is now a road, and at the exact spot where the house of evil once stood, there are often fatal car accidents.

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