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Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall

Nunnington Hall in North Yorkshire, England is a beautiful country house situated in the English countryside. But its pleasant surroundings mask a haunting history of cruelty and tragedy.

Nunnington Hall

Years ago, when the wife of the Lord of Nunnington died, he was left to raise their young son on his own. Before long, the Lord of Nunnington got married again. His new wife was a very beautiful lady, but she was also very selfish and spiteful.

Soon, the lady got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. She loved her own son, but hated her stepson and treated him very poorly. She knew the Lord was ill and going to die soon, and she wanted her own son to inherit Nunnington Hall. She began to resent her stepson all the more and wished there was some way to get rid of him.

When the Lord of Nunnington died a few years later, the lady became very cruel to her stepson and locked him in an attic room. She kept him imprisoned in the tiny confined space, feeding him a diet of bread and water and forbidding anyone to visit him.

She kept a strict watch over everyone in the household and the sound of her step was never heard as she moved about. Because she trod so lightly, all that was heard was the rustle of her silk gown. The lady had a taste for fine things and always dressed in expensive silks and satins, while her stepson had scarcely food to eat or warm clothes to wear.

But her own son defied her and would sneak upstairs to the attic every day to visit his older brother. The little boy loved his brother and brought him food and toys as often as he could.

One day, when the younger boy crept up to the attic room, he found it completely empty. His older brother was gone. Nobody knows how he got away or where he went. Some say he may have escaped and run away to sea, while others think the lady may have murdered him and hidden his body. At any rate, he was never heard from again.

The Lady was glad to be rid of the older boy, but her little son was very upset and no one could comfort him. The child wandered around the house every day, looking for his step-brother in every room, and calling his name out of every window. The servants tried to cheer him up by telling him he was the Lord of Nunnington now, but the little boy said he didn’t care. All he wanted was his brother. He never believed that his brother would really run away and desert him.

One day, as the little boy wandered around the house, he leaned too far out of a window in the Pannelled Room and fell to his death. His poor little head was dashed to pieces on the gravel walk below.

After that, the Lady of the house was devastated and slowly began to lose her grip on sanity. She would sit for hours, staring out the window and mumbling to herself in a low voice. At night, she wandered the halls of Nunnington, calling out her son’s name. Finally, she grew so depressed that she refused to eat and gradually withered away.

After she died, the house was sold and the new owners began to experience weird and inexplicable events. At night, they heard the rustle of a lady’s dress going up and down the stairs, over and over. When they investigated, they found nothing there. Doors would open and close on their own and they would hear the sounds of weeping all night long.

It seems that other rooms at Nunnington also experience paranormal activity. The attic is said to be one of the most active places in the house, where children’s voices can be heard whispering at night.

A young French lady came to stay at Nunnington hall and was given a bed in the Panelled Room. After a while, it became obvious that all was not well with the young lady and she confessed that she had hardly slept at all because she was terrified. She said that every night something black and shapeless came through the wall, passed slowly over her bed and went out through the window. Then, she said, she heard the terrified scream of a young boy, piercing the still of the night. She was given another bedroom and had no more disturbed nights.

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