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Night Owl

Night Owl

The Night Owl is a spooky story from japan about a girl who shares her college dorm with a weird roommate that disappears at all hours of the night.

Night Owl

When Ryoko went to university, she moved into a dorm on campus. That was how she met Yukie, a 20-year old woman who she was sharing the room with. Yukie was a very strange person, kind of like a shadow. She didn’t speak very much, never smiled and always kept to herself. There was a rumor going around that she had lost her boyfriend a few years before.

Late one night, she heard Yukie getting out of bed and leaving the room. At first, Ryoko thought she was just going to the toilet and didn’t really pay any attention. However, after a while, she realized that Yukie would often sneak out in the middle of the night and she didn’t come back for hours. Gradually, Ryoko became very suspicious.

One night, Ryoko decided to try and find out what was going on with her strange roommate. She pretended to be asleep and waited for Yukie to go out. As usual, Yukie got out of bed and quietly left the room. Ryoko waited a minute and then followed her, keeping in the shadows so as not to be noticed.

After walking for about 30 minutes, Yukie stopped at the cemetery and went inside. Ryoko was shaking with fear and had to stop herself from running away. She peeked over the wall and watched as Yukie knelt down in front of a gravestone and embraced it. There was a look of ecstacy on her face and she was laughing hysterically.

Ryoko had seen enough. Overcome by fear, she turned around and ran back to the dorm. When she reached her room, she jumped into bed and pretended to be asleep, waiting for Yukie to come back. However, her roommate never arrived and soon, she fell fast asleep.

When she woke up the next morning, Ryoko heard some terrible and shocking news. Apparently, Yukie had committed suicide the night before. She slit her wrists in the cemetery and bled to death. She was found lying on her boyfriend’s grave. Ryoko was horrified.

Yukie didn’t have any family and nobody arrived to collect her belongings. After three days, Ryoko became curious. She began cleaning up the room and poked around in Yukie’s luggage. She found a diary and flicked through the pages. When she came to the final page, she froze.

There, in blood-red letters, were the words:

“I know you saw!”

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