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Murder House

Murder House

The Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa is one of the scariest places on earth. It is also known as one of the creepiest unsolved mysteries of modern times. An entire family was brutally killed and their murderer was never caught.

Murder House

The story of the Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, begins one hot summer evening in 1912. At the time, a family by the name of Moore lived there. The family consisted of the father, JB Moore, the mother, Sarah Moore and their four children, Herman, age 11, Katherine, age 9, Boyd, age 7 and Paul, age 5.

On the 9th of June 1912, the Moore family attended an annual Children’s Day event at their local church. After the event finished, Katherine Moore met two of her friends, Lena and Ina May Stillinger (aged 12 and 8) and invited them back to her house to spend the night. As the family went to bed that night, they never suspected that they would not live to see the morning.

The next day, the neighbors noticed that the house was strangely quiet and they became suspicious when none of the children came out to do their chores. They let themselves into the house to investigate and found a horrible scene inside. The parents and the six children had all been brutally murdered as they slept in their beds. The killer had caved in their heads with an axe until they were unrecognizable.

The police were immediately called and the horrible news travelled quickly around the small town. The story was almost too terrible to believe. While the family had been getting ready for bed that night, they had no idea that a crazed killer was lurking in a closet with an axe, just waiting for them to fall asleep.

Sometime after midnight, he came creeping out of his hiding place and went from room to room, murdering the sleeping parents and children. A bloody axe was found downstairs in the guest bedroom, where the Stillinger sisters had been sleeping.

After the murders, the killer went around covering all of the victims’ faces with sheets or clothing. He also covered all of the windows and mirrors in the house. He stayed in the house for a while, made himself a sandwich, then escaped into the night.

Unfortunately, the killer left very few clues and the police had little to go on. In the end, the person who committed the gruesome crime was never found and today, the case of the Villisca Axe Murders remains an unsolved mystery.

Over the years, the Murder House had many owners and tenants. In the 1930s, a young couple were living in the house. The wife began hearing noises during the night and had the feeling that there was someone in the house. One night, she awoke to see the shadowy figure of a man holding an axe standing at the foot of her bed. She became hysterical and her husband had to stay awake and watch over her at night so that she could get some sleep.

In the 1960s, the Murder House was rented by a married couple with two daughters. The girls would often be awoken in the night by the sounds of children sobbing and crying. Sometimes, they found their clothes strewn about their bedroom, hanging from the mirrors and windows. The girls shared their experiences with their parents, but they were met with disbelief. One evening, their father was sitting at the kitchen table sharpening his pocketknife. Suddenly, the knife flew out of his hand and stabbed him in the arm. That very night, he told his family to pack their things and they moved out.

In 1994 a husband and wife purchased the famous Villisca Axe Murder House and restored it to the condition it was in at the time of the murders. According to local people, the ghosts of the victims and the killer still remain in the house.

Ghostly footsteps have been heard walking up the stairs that lead to the bedrooms. The same stairs the killer walked up back in 1912. There have been sightings of 2 ghostly little girls in white dresses in one bedroom. People who sleep in this room say they are awoken during the night by the ghost of a man holding an axe standing at the foot of their bed.

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  • Totally agree with Vocakawaiiloid…. !!
    I was feeling sorry for the entire family and for those other poor kids who came to spend the night.. then read your comment, how come police didn’t find the body of the killer Or he was already a ghost?
    Then why the hell he made a sandwich for him?..Ghost doesn’t eat sandwich Do they?

  • Im crying he made himself a sandwich cuz he found good food in the kitchen that killer must been fat none other had ate food while they did a murder

  • I know for a fact that this is fake because first of akk how would they know that he made himself a sandwich?? There would be no proof to test that theory, yeah sure there was bread and mustard and other things laying around, but that could have been the families dinner, and if you say video cameras that wouldn’t make sense either because if you saw the video cameras then how come no one figured out who the killer is??? And also why would you see a man with an Axe? You said the killer ran away, so how did he die in the house?? He ran off with his sandwich then came back and committed suicide?? I rate it 6/10 this could have been a lot better if it was realistic

  • Wait a min ,-,) if the killer already killed the entire family and then he make himself a sandwich…didn’t he get out of the house? If he died there..the police would found his body as well but if he didn’t die ..why would his ghost haunted the house as well?

  • why the killer spirit haunted the house too??
    he wasn’t died inside the house, was he??

  • I was in the murder house back in the early 90’s, during the Heritage Days, I was around 5. My great-grandparents lived a few streets down from the house and had lived in the area when the murders happened. The older citizens didn’t like to talk about the murders.

    I just want to add a couple of details, I’ve kind of obsessed over the house and the murders since I was young. The murderer hid in the attic while the family was at church. Everyone, except the mother, was hit with blade of the axe, she was hit with the blunt side of the head. The person who first went into the house was JB’s brother, the house was locked (which was uncommon for that time), he was the only one who had a key.

    When I went in the house, in June, I remember that there was a cold spot around the grandfather clock at the top of the stairs.

  • Dude that’s totally killer. I would so want to go there.
    haha Hiding in the closet. Awesome.

  • scary until the sandwich….I like chicken salad sandwich how about you. Ignore the sandwich :)

  • This is really creepy, but I also find it funny that he made himself a sandwich. XD
    Still, never going there.

  • HAHAH I SAW THIS IN GHOST ADVENTURE xD ………………….they made an investigation in this place and it was so cool, watch it, “Ghost Adventure Villisca Ax murder house” …or what ever episode it was

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