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Murder Game

Murder Game

The Murder Game is a scary Halloween activity to play at parties. This Halloween game is also known as Wink Death, Wink Killer, Wink Murderer or The Winking Game.

Murder Game

To play the Murder Game, you need at least 4 people, but it is much better to play with as many people as possible.

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is randomly select a murderer and a detective. Take a deck of cards and select one card for each person playing the game. One card should be a Jack and another card should be a King. The rest should be number cards. Shuffle them and give one card to each player. The person with the Jack is the murderer. The person with the King is the detective. Nobody should know who the murderer is.

Step 2: The detective sits in the middle of the floor. Everyone else sits on the floor in a circle around the detective.

Step 3: The murderer has to secretly kill a victim by winking at them. If the murderer winks at you, you have to act out a dramatic death and then lie on the floor for the rest of the game. Pretend you’ve been shot, strangled, stabbed or poisoned and fall down dead. The murderer has to make sure that the detective doesn’t see him winking. Only the murderer is allowed to wink.

Step 4: The detective keeps turning around in the middle of the circle, watching everybody’s eyes. The detective has to catch the murderer winking.
Step 5: The detective has 3 chances to accuse the murderer. If the detective is correct, he wins the game and the murderer becomes the detective for the next round. If the detective is wrong, he remains the detective for the next round.

There is a variation on this game where everyone is the detective. Everyone watches everyone else, trying to catch the murderer. Everyone can accuse someone of being the murderer, but if they guess wrong, they are automatically killed.

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  • I want to play!!! It sounds fun!! I’ve heard a different variation of this a bit though

  • I know the song is very…suggestive. XD
    I can’t write horror lately. I’ve been too…out of the mood. If I tried it would REALLY suck. :P Maybe later or tommorow though…

  • Chris u lazy bum! XD
    Frosting is 16? :o I thought he was older than Jason and Griffin xD But anyway, its okay :) Sure XD

    1) Something bad happens to Frosting
    2) Something REALLY bad happens to Frosting
    3) Something good happens to Frosting
    4) Something REALLY good happens to Frosting
    5) A rather shocking surprise (Twist!) happens involving Frosting
    6) Frosting becomes more of a main charector for ONLY this part
    7) Frosting returns WITH Doran, and becomes more involved with the story.

  • Part 10- The Factory.
    “Wow.” Doran said.
    The factory was huge. It was a tall, wide, white building. It wad no windows and what looked like only one door. No, wait, scratch that, he could see a part sticking out forming an upside down “L” shape. On it were a few tinted windows. It was a very plain building. No colour anywhere on it.
    Doran reached the town soon after.
    “Hey there! New in town? Well of course you are, after all I’ve never seen you here before, and I know everyone who lives here! Now come on we have to get you ready!” the stranger said.
    “Um, ready for what, and who are you?”
    “Ready for the party of course! It’s going to be tons of fun; we’ve spent a month working on it! We have balloons and candy and horse rides and- oh right! I can get off topic now can’t I? No need to answer I know I can! So you wanted to know my name right? Don’t answer I know you did! My name is Frosting!” he said quickly and in one gulp of air.
    ‘Geez this guy likes to talk a lot.’ Doran thought to him self.
    “Frosting? That’s a weird name don’t you think?”
    “Why of course not! I’m Frosting, my best friends name is Choclate, my mother’s name is Icing, my dad’s name is Sugar, my great great great aunts cousion was named Toffee, and-” Doran cut him off.
    “Okay I got it.”
    “So what’s your name?” he asked putting emphsis on the word your.
    “Doran huh? Weird name. Oh well come on we have to get you prepared for the test!”
    “Yeah everybody-Oh hey Sweets!- has to do it around- Chocolate how are you doing?- these parts.”
    “What’s it like?”
    “Come on!” Frosting yelled!
    ‘This guy is nuts. No wait he’s probably friends with someone named that.’ Doran thought.
    They walked for a few minutes through the rather large town. Every time they walked past someone Frosting would shout at them some form of greeting and then go back to talking to Doran. On the way Doran saw tons of party favors. Balloons floating, cake, assorted sweets. He saw thousands of different types of candies. No real food though; it disturbed him.
    “Well here we are at the test. I’ll let Pudding take it from here!” Frosting then headed into the bleachers to watch.
    The person who Doran thought must be “Pudding” spoke through a megahorn, “And now we will start the test! Come on anyone who’s new in town or has turned 16 and not taken the test MUST participate. We know who we need!”
    Suddenly a bunch of people from the bleachers came down to join the waiting others.
    He took roll call, but Doran was too disturbed to hear much of it. How did he get roped into all this? Why is he taking this “test”? What happens if he fails? What happens if he passes?
    He heard a total of three names called.
    “Here.” said a short girl with puffy red hair.
    “I’m sure am here, and boy oh boy am I excited! Hey Doran why are you looking at me like that I’m only 16 ya know! I havvve to be part of this!”
    “Frosting! Quiet!”
    HE shut up immdiatly.
    “Here.” he said quietly.
    “I said DORAN!”
    “Good now let’s get started! The test will be composed of three parts. Intellect, athletics, and magic! Let’s see who can come out on top!” he yelled into the megaphone!
    The first part was a race. Doran was the fastest person in his grade, and one of the fastest in school. Including high school. He came in third. As he looked back the people who came in the ten slowest people where gone.
    He looked for the only other two people he knew. He saw Gummy and Frosting talking to each other. He was somehow releaved.
    “Next test! The mind test. Who will come out on top?”
    The mind test was composed of a single puzzle. Doran solved it with ease. He came in sixth. HE looked around and saw that twenty more people were gone. One of them being Gummy.
    “Hey Frosting where’s Gummy?”
    “She lost. As the mayor says “She would have spoiled the party!” We had to get rid of her!”
    Doran was confused. He had no idea what that ment. He assumed they took you away and banished you, or perhaps put you into another town full of rejects.
    “Test three! The test of magic! Do your best! Give it your all! The top ten will stand victorious!”
    Each one of them were focusing as hard as they could. One created an amzing fireworks show out of raw magical energy. She got a six. Another created wings made of fire and flew into the air doing flips and tricks. He got an 8.
    Others got fives or sixes and one or two people got a 1. Very few people got tens. He saw only three.
    FRosting focused all his energy into his, but all that happened was a small spur of magic. He got a one, and was taken off yelling and screaming that it wasn’t fair and that he wanted another chance.
    It was Doran’s turn next. He focused harder than ever. Willing for something to happen. He planned on creating a cloud which would then change shape into whatever he wanted.
    But nothing happened. Absolutly nothing. The crowd gasped in horror. One shouted an obscure referance that Doran didn’t get.
    He looked at his score.
    It was plain and clear.
    Just sitting there.

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