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Mr Boogedy DVD

Mr Boogedy DVD

Mr. Boogedy originally aired in 1986 as one of the great made for TV movies on The Wonderful World of Disney. It was popular enough to spawn a sequel, The Bride of Boogedy.

Mr. Boogedy is about a family who moves into a house in Lucifer Falls New England only to find out that the house they moved into is haunted by a mean pilgrim named William Hanover (Mr. Boogedy). Mr. Boogedy has haunted the property for over 300 years. Just because he couldn’t marry the widow Marion. Now the family has to find Mr. Boogedy and take his Magic Cloak. Bride of Boogedy is the sequal to Mr. Boogedy and aired in late 1987. This film is introduced by Michael Eisner, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofey (quite a rare find). Both films come in a hardcase with coverart for each movie. Mr. Boogedy has a running time of about 42 minutes and Bride of Boogedy plays for about 1hr 35min.

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