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Mother Goose

Mother Goose

Mother Goose (or “Murder Goose”) is a scary flash animation from Japan. It uses children’s nursery rhymes and creepy songs to create a weird and disturbing atmosphere. The clip is in both English and Japanese. According to the creator, it is an “animation that will make your hair stand on end and in which the suspense and chilling images in succession will not stop like a terrifying nightmare…”

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  • thats crazy how the last part said i lay me down to sLeep something lord my soul to keep whoa scary…(ILLUMANITY) JOKING

  • hmmm…Yeah, this isnt scary. WAIT! WHAT AM I SAYING? also, ring around the rosy as eerie says, anyways the old version was this:
    Ring of rats
    Pockets full of rats
    Atchoo, atchoo
    We all die

  • “ring around the rosy” dates back during the 14 century…1340-50’s the time of the Black death….

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