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Mobile Phone Game

Mobile Phone Game

This Mobile Phone Game has recently become a popular activity among kids and teenagers at Halloween parties. To play, all you need is your mobile phone and your friends’ numbers.

Mobile Phone Game

This Halloween party mobile phone game is sometimes called “Cell Phone Tag” or “Blair Witch Hide And Seek”. It’s a new type of hide and seek game to play using a mobile phone and the land line in your house.

Wait until it’s dark and turn out the lights.

One person runs off and hides somewhere in the house, taking their mobile phone with them.

In the pitch black, everyone goes around the house looking for this one person.

Every so often, the person who is hiding must call the house phone (or the other people’s mobile phones) and give them clues as to where he is hiding.

This game can be very scary, thrilling and fun. The person who is hiding can make it scarier by sending creepy texts or putting on a creepy voice when calling the others. If you have a video camera with night vision, it can be fun to follow the guests around, filming them, and then watch the video later when the game is over.

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  • I am gonna play this game someday!
    at least when i have more friends beacuse I only have two friends. Bu I think they Don’t like me at least i think that my best friend hates me the most Y_Y

  • This looks like fun, and I have a friend who has a large buffalo ranch with lots of good hiding places.

  • If I played this game, and someone popped out at me, I would hyperventilate. Seriously. Fun game, though!

  • Make it creepier. Block your number using Star 69 and go hide(or pretend to leave the house you are at) call the person and talk in a Ghostface or Jigsaw voice and send them creepy texts like “I see you” and call their house phone every now and then. My friend did a version of this to me when we were at a restaurant and he left our tale unnoticed and called me and I didn’t know it was him.

  • I really wanna try this! It sounds fun! It’s safe since you don’t have to summon a ghost haha.

  • i did this last year and i freaked out! i wasnt the one with the phone, but i was the one looking for my friend. she was hiding inside the basement, inside a large closet, and when i opened it, she jumped out and scared me! u guys really should try this game! but i would recommend you play it with a group of friends so it’s not as scary. i was by myself looking for her :O

  • nice tho i thought it wood b creepier. but at least it is not life threatning. it is the safest gme i read yet!

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