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Mind Twisters

Mind Twisters

Mind Twisters and scary riddles to puzzle your brain, expand your mind and make you think outside the box. Read these short, cryptic stories that are “scary when you understand the meaning” and try to figure out what is really going on.

1. Text Message

This is the last text message I received from my friend.


By the time I figured out what it meant, it was already too late.

2. Knocking on the Hotel Door

I was on a business trip and I had to stay the night at an old hotel in the area. I was nervous about staying there because I had heard rumors that the hotel was haunted.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by a loud noise. It sounded like someone was knocking on my door. I thought it might be room service, so I called out, “Who is it?” There was no reply. I was too scared to open the door, so I got up and looked through the peephole. There was nobody outside.

The knocking continued all night long. I was scared stiff and didn’t get a wink of sleep. The next morning, when the knocking stopped, I dressed quickly, grabbed my suitcase and went downstairs to check out. I complained to the hotel manager about the knocking sound. He admitted that the hotel was haunted.

He told me that, a long time ago, there had been a fire at the hotel. Most of the people managed to make it out alive, but a few were trapped inside their rooms. They died of smoke inhalation or were burned to death. Apparently, it is the ghosts of those people that are haunting the hotel.

After hearing that, I was glad I didn’t open the door. Who knows what would have happened to me if I did?

3. Maths Equation

I was traveling on the bus, gazing out the window at the cars passing by in the next lane. I noticed one car in particluar. There was a little girl sitting in the passenger seat. She was leaning against the window and writing something on the clouded glass with her finger. It looked like a maths equation.

3m qI3 +1

Our eyes met and the little girl waved at me excitedly. I smiled and waved back. Just then, the car turned at an intersection and went a different way.

“What a smart little girl,” I thought.

4. All the Meat

I was unconscious for a long time. When I awoke, I found myself in a strange room. There was a plate in front of me with a huge mound of raw meat on it.

A threatening voice boomed through the loudspeakers overhead.

“If you do not eat all the meat in this room, you will be killed as punishment”

Although it may have sounded like a joke, the dead bodies lying here and there on the floor were all the proof I needed that this was serious.

I had no choice. I started eating.

When the plate was empty, I cried out loud, “I’ve eaten all the meat!”

Again, the booming voice came over the loudspeakers.

“Then, the punishment will begin.”

5. Text Message from my Mom

I still live with my parents. This evening, my mother was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. I was feeling tired, so I went upstairs to take a nap. When I woke up, I decided to write a text message to my girlfriend.

“Can I come over and see you tonight?”

I hit the wrong button and accidentally sent the text message to my mother instead.

A minute later, I got a reply from my mother.

“Sorry, you can’t come over tonight. I’m busy.”

I was puzzled and texted back: “Hey, Mom! Are you kidding around or something?”

“Where are you?” my mom replied immediately.

“I’m at home, of course!” I answered.

Right after that, my phone started ringing. It was my mother. I cancelled the call without answering it. My mom is so stupid. If she wants to talk to me, she can just come upstairs.

6. The Old Man in the Mountains

There was a old man who lived in the mountains, far away from the rest of the world. He lived in a spot so remote that no cars ever passed by. The old man had a grandson who sent him letters every day. The old man always looked forward to the letters. They eased his loneliness.

For several months, his grandson continued to send him a letter every day. Then, one day, the letters suddenly stopped. The old man waited and waited, but after a week, when he still hadn’t received any letters, he became worried.

The old man left the mountains and headed to the city to find out what was wrong. When he got to his grandson’s house, he found out that his grandson had been murdered by someone.

The old man was very sad and tears rolled down his cheeks. He vowed to catch the murderer himself. After thinking for a while, he said, “I already know who did it… Only one person could be the murderer…”

7. English Test

There was a girl who was always causing trouble in class. One day, her teacher made her stay behind after school as punishment. When everyone else had gone home and the school was completely empty, the teacher said, “Here’s what I’m going to do,” and he placed a test paper on the desk in front of her.

Q1. What is in Knight but not in Night?
Q2. What is in Paints but not in Pentacles?
Q3. What is in Learn but not in Yearn?
Q4. What is in Slave but not in Shave?
Q5. What is in Flying but not in Flogging?
Q6. What is in Poem but not in Pendulum?
Q7. What is in Blunder but not in Blonder?

When she finished the test, the girl let out a scream.

8. Strange Painting

One day I was cleaning up in the art room at school when I noticed a strange painting on the wall. It was a portrait of a very beautiful girl. The painting was very detailed and realistic. There was also something vaguely eerie about it. I had the strangest feeling that her eyes were following me as I walked around the room. It scared me so much that quickly finished cleaning up the room and left.

The next day, there was a big fuss at school. The painting in the art room had disappeared. The teacher suspected that it had been stolen. Since I was the last person to see it, the teacher asked me a lot of questions. I told him the painting was still there when I was cleaning up.

“It’s not really worth much,” said the teacher, “but the artist was a friend of mine. It’s called “Sleeping Beauty”. He painted a portrait of his daughter’s face while she was asleep. The painter and his daughter are both dead now.”

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  • Wow those all are so cool….And I got the answers from the comment section….thankyou guys for explaning…you people are so intelligent or I am too lazy to solve all those….. :)

  • These are my answers:

    1. If you’re using a basic bar phone
    7777 – S
    2- A
    888 – V
    33 – E
    0 – *Space*
    6 – M
    33 – E
    0 – *Space*
    444 – I
    0 – *Space*
    2 – A
    6 – M
    0 – *Space*
    22 – B
    88 – U
    777 – R
    444 – I
    333 – E
    3 – D
    0 – *Space*
    2 – A
    555 – L
    444 – I
    888 – V
    33 – E

    “Save me I’m Buried Alive!”

    Due to panic and hyperventilation the person forgot to change the message settings to letters.

    2. The banging of the door came from inside the room, these were the people who were trapped inside the rooms and died from the fire.

    3. The little girl wrote “Help Me”

    4. He was supposed to eat all the meat including the dead bodies around him.

    5. It’s either the person in the kitchen wasn’t his mother or he is in another dimension similar to what happened to Coraline as written by Neil Gaiman.

    6. I suppose the killer was the one delivering the letters coz he grew tired of going back and forth on such long trips so he decided to kill the grandson to be free of that responsibility.

    Q1 – K
    Q2 – i
    Q3 – l
    Q4 – l
    Q5 – y
    Q6 – o
    Q7 – u

    8. If it’s titled “Sleeping Beauty” and the teacher emphasized that the artist drew her daughter asleep, why were her eyes open? It could be the painting has been possessed by the dead little girl and as the janitor pass by she could be observing him if he is her father. Realizing that the person she is looking for wasn’t in the school, the next day she left.

    The father might’ve killed her daughter, removed her daughter’s face and plastered it on the canvas making it more realistic and detailed. After giving his masterpiece to the school he decided to kill himself.

  • 1. On a mobile phone, this spells: SAVE ME I’M BURIED ALIVE
    2. The ghost is inside the room trying to get out
    3. The girl wrote “HELP ME” backwards and she was waving for help
    4. When the voice said “ALL THE MEAT” he also meant the DEAD BODIES
    5. There was a murderer who came into the house and killed the mother, when he found out that the son was at home, he called him and listened for the ringtone so he could find him and kill him
    6. Umm… The post man? (IDK) he got sick of delivering letters so often, so far away
    7. The answers of the test spell out “KILL YOU”
    8. It was a portrait of “The SLEEPING beauty” WHY WHERE HER EYES OPEN?? someone might of cut holes in the eyes and hid behind it then stole it, or the painting was possessed

  • I am new here.but i’ve been reading the stories for a long time.i just hope u add more brain teasers in your site

  • 1) The friend was saying “Save me I’m buried alive”
    2) There was a ghost in the room, and it was banging on the door because it basically repeats what happened when the ghost died,it was bainging on the door,trying to escape like when it was trying to escape the fire!
    3) The girl was actually trying to tell the guy “Help me”
    4) The victim was supposed to eat ALL the meat,including the flesh on the dead bodies.
    5) The mom was murdered and there was a intruder in the house. As soon as the son said he was home,the intruder called the boy so that he could figure out which room he was in
    6) The man that delivered the letters decided to kill the grandson because he was tired of delivering letters all the way to a secluded mountain.
    7) The answer spells out “Kill You”
    8) If I’m correct,the girl was supposed to be asleep but she wasn’t,her eyes were open. So I think that the girl was ALREADY dead and her spirit was in the ghost.

  • Wow… Sfk… The answer for the 5th riddle amazed me… The answer i found was completely different from what your imagination is.

  • Solutions:
    1. “Save me i am buried alive”. (On old mobile phones you had to put in the text using the number keys). The friend is in a coffin, so he can’t see the screen, so he thinks he’s typing text.
    2. The ghost is inside the room, trying to get out.
    3. The girl was writing “HELP ME” backwards.
    4. “All the meat” included the dead bodies.
    5. The mother was murdered by an intruder. The killer didn’t know the son was in the house. When he realized it, he called the son so he could hear the ringtone and figure out where he was in the house.
    6. The postman was the killer. He was tired of delivering the letters.
    7. The answers to the test spell out “KILLYOU”
    8. The painting was of a sleeping woman, but the eyes were open.

  • 1) I know how it’s solved but I’m not in the mood XD
    3) When you reverse it, it says “Help me”
    4) He had to eat the bodies too!
    6) The mailman?
    7) The answers are: K I L L Y O U
    8) Someone was watching the art room through the painting’s eyes so that they could steal it? Or is it something paranormal?

  • Rest all are Okay
    Hey guys how did you crack the first one…i mean on which keyboard you typed …?

  • 1. i know it has something to do with putting it on your keypad and they change to letters
    2. the knocking was coming from inside the room. That’s why nobody was at the peep hole
    3. It’s backwards because she wrote it from her perspective. it reads help me
    4. He said all meat… even dead bodies eww
    5. he was probably kidnapped and that was not his mom
    6. yea u got me lost there
    7. It has something to do with taking out letters and spelling some like knight and night u have too take out the k but im too lazy too do the rest lol
    8. Um that was the girl in painting and she got killed that night

  • 5 and 6 made no sense with answers. If she was busy tonight that means she was killing, why she can do other work and she didn’t knew that son was at home. 6 why postman will kill him anyone can kill him, postman just didn’t delivered the letter because it was not sent.

  • 1: The friend was saying “Save me i am buried alive.”
    2: The ghost was knocking from the inside.
    3: Backwards, the maths equation says “Help me.”
    4: He didn’t eat the corpses.
    5: His mother was killing someone.
    6: The man who delivered their letters killed the grandson?
    7: The teacher was going to kill the girl.
    8: If she was asleep, how were the eyes following the main character?
    Were those correct at all?

  • 1- Save me I am buried alive
    2- Ghosts are from the inside of the room.
    3- Help me.
    4- He forgot to eat the dead bodies.
    5- She’s busy because she’s killing someone in the kitchen.
    6- The postman is the murderer.
    7- Kill you.
    8- They are prisoners of the painting.

  • 2) the ghost was trying to get back to his room
    4) this is easy. He has to eat the dead bodies too and himself as they are all meat.
    5) someone kidnapped/murdered the mom and is using her phone
    6) most probably the old man killed but idk why. Sfk help?
    7) easiest one of all. The teacher wrote “KILL YOU”.
    8) The girl was supposed to be sleeping but her eyes were open

  • First one to comment here away well!!!! Got a few figured out.
    #3 the girl wrote help me. read it backwards.
    #4 all the meat meant the dead bodies as well.
    #5 the person in his home wasn’t his mother.
    #6 it was supposed to be a portrait of a sleeping person so the eyes should’ve been shut.
    Hope I got it right. Please explain the rest sfk.

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